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Shivani Singh

Diwali fog is warning for car capital draped in perpetual haze

Yet another Diwali turned out to be a smoky, ear-splitting celebration last week. The pollution control board monitoring the air quality levels on Diwali night found that the sulphur dioxide range was 35-114 microgram per cubic meter this year. Shivani Singh writes.

Car capital Delhi couldn’t care less for millions of cyclists

Cyclists are the most vulnerable section of commuters on city roads. Till October 15, 2013, 67 cyclists died on Delhi roads. Recently, political activist Sunita Narain too made headlines after getting hit by an unknown vehicle while cycling. Shivani Singh writes.

Dumping monkeys in Asola will never end the simian menace

Our disregard for animal science was evident from the way we captured random individuals for export and, later, for translocation. Even today, civic authorities pick up these highly social animals mindlessly. Shivani Singh writes.

Who’s afraid of Delhi police?

A standard joke among crime reporters is that if you mention rape to a cop, even in his sleep he will tell you that the victim was known to the accused. So it was not surprising when early this month the Delhi Police commissioner tried the same line while explaining why police could not do much about the rising numbers of rape. Shivani Singh reports.

Infrastructure alone can’t cure Delhi’s sclerosis

The 10-year-old Delhi Metro now ferries 20 lakh passengers daily. Yet, at least 700 new cars hit Delhi’s roads every day and the size of the private fleet is growing by 10% every year. Clearly, not many of those who can afford to buy cars are using the Metro.

Can’t wish away migration, better stitch up welfare net

The shocking story of the two-year-old baby, abandoned by her parents and successive custodians, struggling for life at AIIMS, and her alleged tormentor, a 14-year-old who herself is a victim of multiple rape and abuse, could be told many times over in this city. In Delhi, at least two children are found abandoned and 10 go missing every day.

Can’t squander our limited Games legacy

Despite the collapsing pedestrian bridge, the flooded Games village and the bad international press, Delhi managed to pull off a decent Commonwealth Games show in those 12 days in October 2010. Shivani Singh writes

Nobody’s baby: NCR dream left in tatters

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Alphonse Karr's observation has already been quoted to cliché. But nothing sums up the state of affairs in the National Capital Region better.

Let residents decide their welfare needs

Voters and politicians seldom speak in the same voice. The Hindustan Times conclave held in Noida last week witnessed such a rare moment when we couldn't have them agree more on how they don't get heard in a bureaucratic silence zone. Local candidates contesting the UP Assembly polls, residents and neighbourhood associations were unanimous in their demand for "democratisation" of the Noida Authority Board, now an all-babu set-up.

Why complain if you can’t vote for Delhi

In six weeks, Delhi will go to polls. You will have the opportunity to elect your local councillors and shape the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), which is one of the world’s largest civic bodies and certainly the biggest in India. Shivani Singh writes.

Can’t expect better from toothless, corrupt cops

In the debates triggered by the gang rape of a pub escort in Gurgaon last fortnight, solutions got lost in the shrillness of who was to be blamed for this horrific crime. Was it the urban-rural cultural clash? Or a law that merely asks employers to provide a night-drop to women who work late? Or was it a plain policing failure?

Don’t theorise Delhi’s road rage, punish it

Few play baseball in Delhi. There is a club in Rohini but it is rare to find neighbourhood boys playing the American game in the Capital’s colony parks. But most sports stores in the city stock and sell baseball bats every month because it is Delhi’s favourite combat weapon on road. Placed under car seats, it is used to intimidate, thrash or simply smash windscreens for provocation ranging from a minor car-scraping to someone daring to ask for way.

Too many civic agencies, none to blame for mess

With 55% voter turnout, the highest for MCD polls in the last 15 years, Delhi showed unusual enthusiasm last Sunday. But that was not the only thing unusual about these elections. For the first time, Delhi chose among women candidates in half of the constituencies. It was also the first time Delhi voted for three corporations.

Too many murder cases go cold

Under consistent media glare, the gruesome Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj Banjade murder case is still on the public radar. Shivani Singh writes.
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