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Shivani Singh

Can’t make Delhi suicide-proof, the city’s depressed need help

In the past two years, there have been at least two suicide attempts every month at Delhi’s Metro stations. In 2013, 30 people attempted suicide and 13 did not survive.

How commuting in NCR is a gamble of our lives

The two deadly accidents in Delhi and Gurgaon last week brought the issue of road safety back in the headlines.

Delhi needs more public toilets, and its men more bladder control

Almost 20% of the households in New Delhi district used public toilets. Almost 55% respondents in the perception survey rated public toilet facilities as below average or very poor.

Why it’s time for Delhi to think beyond an hour of darkness

Delhi first observed the Earth Hour on March 28, 2009 when India joined the global movement and five million residents across the country switched off lights and electrical appliances and saved 1,000 MW of power in that one hour. Delhi saved 600 MW - the highest for any Metro in India.

Not outsiders, Delhi should watch out for absentee MPs

Unlike assembly elections, Lok Sabha polls do not require candidates to be a registered voter in the state they contest from. The 'outsider' and the 'local' logic doesn't work here.

World development: Elimination of violence against women necessary

Many countries, including India, have agreed that all-round development is impossible if women are denied their right to movement, education, healthcare, employment, sexual and reproductive choices.

India needs to learn a lesson about Northeast

If you are from the Northeast or Ladakh, you could face stupid questions like ‘are you a Chinese/Japanese’? More extreme manifestation of such discrimination results in hate crime that claims victims like Nido Tania.

Gone too soon: Delhi has every reason to feel let down with AAP

Arvind Kejriwal decided to ride away on his high horse, abandoning the people's verdict.

Delhi’s cosmopolitan spirit the biggest casualty in AAP versus police

Regional prejudices do exist in the minds of average Delhiite- many Africans living here narrate horrific stories of discrimination, so do people from the northeast and Muslims. But these sentiments never became political capital because there was never any decisive vote bank for identity politics in Delhi. Shivani Singh writes.

Visionary or vigilante: ups and downs of AAP

When a party that swears by the panacea of a Jan Lokpal so brazenly backs kangaroo courts, it paints a very scary picture of the future. Delhi deserves better from Arvind Kejirwal and his Aam Aadmi Party. Shivani Singh writes.

Why janta darbars should be the last resort to meet CMs

It was meant to be the first test of direct democracy that they had been advocating all along. But the AAP government’s first janata darbar outside the Secretariat didn’t even last for an hour on Saturday.

It's time for Aam Aadmi Party to govern, end symbolism

Chief ministers are not judged for their homes and cars but for their governance agenda, which the AAP clearly doesn’t lack. It’s time to focus on governance instead of symbolism, writes Shivani Singh.

Safety will remain a promise till Delhi gets the basics right

Responding to the Congress and the BJP’s offers of support the Aam Aadmi Party to form a government in Delhi, the AAP on Saturday asked the political veterans to clarify their stand on 18 key issues before the political debutant could consider taking support from either of them.

Why our big cities needn't be bad for women too

Women have little use for the mobility that urbanisation promises without safety. Effective administration, and not mere laws, can help them live their dream.
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