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Sujata Anandan

Mamu Modi is no Chacha Nehru

It was very obvious why Modi appropriated a day meant for teachers to impose his thoughts on children: he wished to superimpose himself upon Pandit Nehru and obliterate Chacha Nehru from the memories of children, writes Sujata Anandan.

Still caste in stone

Shiv Sena’s snatch-and-grab attitudes, scant attention to education and academic accomplishments and reliance on muscle power and activities bordering on the unsavoury have indeed set back many of Thackeray’s supporters.

Raj Thackeray is no Modi

It took 30 years for Bal Thackeray to reduce himself from a terror to a tamasha; it has taken his nephew Raj Thackeray just five.

How Nehru influenced the making of Gandhi

Richard Attenborough had no study of Mahatma Gandhi to go by in 1959 when he had first decided to make the film on Gandhi and had approached Jawaharlal Nehru for some details.

Not for the faint-hearted

I would not have thought the dour and foxy PV Narasimha Rao could have had a sense of humour. But I have been forever amused by a very funny anecdote he related in his book, The Insider, writes Sujata Anandan.

Greed and Govinda: poverty and politics in Mumbai's Dahi Handi

Dahi Handis are competitive and the prize money for breaking a particular handi runs into crores. Each year I am terrified as I drive past these children on human pyramids on my way to work, writes Sujata Anandan.

Sharad Pawar is hungry to win Maharastra polls

For a bunch of potential losers who feel it in their bones that they may not be winning the upcoming assembly poll, the Congress and the NCP sure seem to be grasping at straws in the run-up to the seat-sharing ahead of the polls.

Shiv Vada Pav, anyone?

When a bunch of rowdy Shiv Sena MPs, some with colourful criminal records, attempted to shove a chapati down the throat of a fasting Muslim caterer at the Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi last week, it suggested many things about a political party that has essentially not been able to grow out of its limited local appeal.

The Congress’ ‘ekla chalo’ test

Allies have done the Congress more harm than good, especially when the party was in power at the Centre for a decade. The Congress could do well to lighten the burden of its allies.

Guru of controversy: Ramdev threatens to become NDA's Rasputin

Back in the days when I was somewhat obsessed with Ramdev’s alternative therapies, a minister in the Maharashtra cabinet had warned me about being too taken in by the yoga guru, Sujata Anandan writes.

Reach for the fruits of power

The Congress is at its nadir and the BJP is at its peak. The former can fall no lower and one is not sure how much more is left for the latter to scale. The best time then is now for these two major parties to shrug off their allies and strike out on their own.

We are no sadhus or saints: Sharad Pawar's words couldn't be truer

Avarice and cupidity have become the bywords these days and putting self before others the new mantra. Why should the politicians be left behind?

For Pawar, Delhi’s still far off

Politics, as they, is the last resort of a scoundrel. Then it goes without saying that there is no place for an honest, sincere man in politics. Ask Prithviraj Chavan, Maharashtra’s chief minister, who has been in the firing line of all party legislators from Day One, even before the Congress’ rout in the Lok Sabha polls.

Mumbai or Pune: your identity shouldn't be a crime

Sujata Anandan draws parallels between two disturbing events in Maharashtra: the disappearance of turbaned Sikh drivers from the streets of Mumbai in 1984 and three decades later, the murder of a young Muslim engineer in Pune.

How many more wickets?

I was wondering about this myself when I found this tweet from Lalu Prasad on my timeline: ‘Why incidents of factional violence only in states due for assembly elections in near future?’
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