She packs a punch

There is one person who has been able to lighten our mood in these dark and somber times, our beloved Mamata-di. Now the rest of the political class may be pondering over how to win the hearts and minds of an alienated people, but Ms Banerjee is not one for any such reflection. She has come up with a solution to bridge the state’s budget deficit and get even with her arch-rivals, the comrades.

She has sought in all seriousness that the government sell off all official buildings belonging to the Left to make up for the gaping hole it left in the state’s finances. And from Mamata the new-age economist, she then moved on to ask plaintively as to whether her supporters expected her to beat up the prime minister to get him to loosen the purse strings. Could she do such a thing, she asked the faithful, and not be called a goonda? Now, we know that Didi can pack a punch, but the very thought of a left hook from her is enough to make the gentle Manmohan Singh head for the hills. And we note that her colourful vocabulary has rubbed off on her supporters. One of them, a minister no less, recently spoke of how the comrades, like snakes, should be beaten. Yes, here is an example of Didi’s lads baring their fangs at their opponents.

Now you will ask why Ms Banerjee and her merry men don’t roll up their sleeves and get to work in the desperately neglected state instead of trying to land a few on people as disparate as the prime minister and the comrades. Perhaps, Didi has decided that these antics will keep people in good humour and they will not notice that the state is sinking further into a hole. Or is it that she is just letting people know that she is not one to take any whining about good governance lying down? Those who do grumble and grouse may just find Didi’s men coming around and auctioning off their homes as she wants the PM to do with the Left’s properties or engage in a friendly round of fisticuffs with them. This could well lay the foundations for a new style of governance, gag-them style.

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