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10 ways to be (and not ape) a star

Be yourself, and not like the screen avatars of celebs

education Updated: May 11, 2011 12:11 IST
Samir Parikh

We watch television, see a lot of movies and get inspired by the actors’ characters. Many of them light a spark within us to be like them. In our desire to be like them, we often forget who we are. It becomes an imperative that we understand why it is important to be ourselves, be inspired but not be mere emulators of what we perceive and think to be the reality of the lives that stars portray on film.

1 It’s not real: Never forget that what is shown in movies is not a reality; it is fiction. It may be based on people’s real life experiences but that does not mean that it is real in its entirety.

2 It’s a part of someone’s imagination: What you see on screen is the enactment of a role the way it is conceptualised by someone. It is a reflection of someone’s thought process which could be based upon real experiences and should be seen just as that. It does not mean we need to imbibe it the way it is.

3 Stars are different in their real lives: A star or celebrity is also an individual and would possess unique traits that define him or her. They would have their own idiosyncrasies as individuals.

4 Accept individual uniqueness: It is important to accept the uniqueness of every individual and this includes you. You, too, possess certain unique traits and it is important that you accept these and build qualities around them.

5 Assert yourself: Asserting yourself is very important to gain a sense of accomplishment from your life. Be yourself. Do things the way you would according to your unique characteristics.

6 Recognise your abilities: As an individual, you possess some abilities that can enhance your performance. Recognise these and polish them so that you can utilise them to the fullest to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and climb up the ladder of success.

7 Do not imitate: Imitation is always just that – an imitation. Most people around you would not value it as your behaviour would make others aware that you are faking it. Instead, remind yourself that your originality is better than anything else.

8 Do not undervalue yourself: You need to value yourself first before anyone else starts valuing you or your skills and abilities. Have a sense of self-worth, without gloating about it. That is, maintaining a healthy balance is an essential first step to ensure people around you do not take you for granted.

9 Work towards your goals: Always work towards the goals you set for yourself. Different people may envision different things for you and if you look up to someone to emulate, then he or she would also have unique goals. So, try and achieve the maximum of whatever you plan to do.

10 Rejoice at your successes: Always celebrate your successes. Others may not care or show interest but you should. This would act as a confidence- and morale-booster and motivate you to work more so that you can achieve more.

The author is a psychiatrist, and chief, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Max Healthcare