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15 ways to keep the faith... in yourself

Thanks to a greater understanding about the power of the word and imagination, a great many people are using affirmations and visualisations to create their dream lives.

education Updated: May 04, 2011 09:32 IST
Chitra Jha

Thanks to a greater understanding about the power of the word and imagination, a great many people are using affirmations and visualisations to create their dream lives. However, there are some points that need revision and emphasis while working with this empowering process. Some of these are:
1 When you visualise your dream life, the picture must be backed by a strong belief that your dream is already a reality.
2 As you mentally live in the visuals, enjoy them completely, believing that you have received them completely.
3 Repeating mere words doesn’t really help, but holding your vision with unshakeable faith and trust does.
4 Have complete trust in your abilities and faith in your subconscious mind’s ability to bring your dream to reality.
5 Be as certain of your dream coming true as you are of the sun rising every day. Have no doubts whatsoever. Complete trust takes us to exactly the right place.
6 You cannot change your circumstances overnight. However, you can live your present life fully and cheerfully with the confidence that your real life is unfolding in unknown but certain ways.
7 The universe is the pilot of the plane of which you are the co-pilot. It may not be a calm flight but safe landings are assured.
8 The task ahead of you is not as great as the power within you.
9 The universe has reserved all the resources and opportunities required for your dream’s fulfilment, in your name. No one can take them away from you. These things are waiting for you to open yourself up and receive them.
10 Know that whatever you need to create your dream will come to you. Do not look at the visible resources. Trust that you will be provided with not what you want but what you need. Let this trust grow.
11 You will know that your dreams are about to be fulfilled when people, money and opportunities come together simultaneously and almost effortlessly, waiting for you to show up and say ‘yes’ to them.
12 It is necessary to understand that it is not you who has to do the work of manifesting anything. The all-powerful essence of the universe will do that. You only have to allow the universal power, which created the world, to create your dreams. And you can do that by letting go of your negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings about your desires.
13 Remember, you will receive only when you can believe. If you doubt the manifestation process, things will start moving away from you as certainly as they were moving towards you.
14 Faith believes that something you cannot see will surely happen. Fear too believes the same. The only difference lies in what one imagines will happen. You can imagine positive future scenarios, and get filled with hope, faith and enthusiasm, or you can imagine negative future scenarios and become fearful and desperate.
15 Destroy your doubts and stay away from people who suspect your capabilities.

You are like a flower beginning to bloom. The flower feels its growth and allows it to happen. It trusts and believes in its flowering. You too must trust and enjoy the process of your flowering.

Success comes to those who trust themselves.

The author is a life-skills coach, time-line therapist, and new consciousness writer.