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5 ways to celebrate the Holi spirit

education Updated: Mar 26, 2013 18:28 IST
HT Education Correspondent

Colours can have a wonderful significance in your life. Today, on the happy occasion of Holi, use its message of change and positivity to add a dash of your favourite colour to your life.

1 Green:
No marks for guessing this one. It stands for the environment. It’s also associated with organ donation and mental health awareness. There are a myriad ways in which you can do your own bit for these causes. Get started from your home, college, neighbourhood or city.

2 White: Is for peace, non-violence and cleanliness. Make changes from within and try to be happy no matter what. If there is a power cut when you start studying for an exam, if you are unwell and not able to get a seat in the bus or the Metro, if you can’t make it to a favourite course, always look at the bright side of life. Make extra time for the hours you have lost. Request people politely for a seat and tell them the reason, choose another course you are interested in.

3 Red: The colour red is linked with one of the biggest health care challenges before mankind - HIV/AIDS. It’s also the colour for heart diseases and blood donation. If you are a healthy individual, think about how you can give the gift of health to others as well. Live healthy, volunteer in your spare time to look after the ailing, spread AIDS awareness.

4 Blue: Blue is for reaching out to others. There are young people around you today who suffer from depression. We hear about atrocities against women. We see street children out polishing shoes, denied education and decent meals. Try not to focus on yourself. Call a friend who is upset about something. Teach a child. Treat others with respect - men and women.

5 Orange: Orange is for development of your inner being. Every night, before sleep, read about great leaders, or go through books by great spiritualists. For 15 minutes, close your eyes, focus on the spot between your eyebrows and visualise your cares falling away from your shoulders. Stay like this for as long as you can and thank God for all the blessings showered upon you