Culture connect: A small slice of Germany in India

  • Rozelle Laha, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jan 11, 2016 18:34 IST
Students interested in German culture and language can head to the Goethe-Institut.

You learned about the theories of Einstein in science class, chilled out with Beethoven playing on Youtube and cried every time you read Anne Frank’s diary. Germany has never been too far away from Indian hearts. It is natural, therefore, for every Germanophile to head to Goethe-Institut (popularly known as Max Mueller Bhavan), New Delhi, to get a fix on all that’s happening in the European country.

“The Goethe-Institut is a miniature Germany in India. In a friendly atmosphere, students can enhance their knowledge about modern Germany, its culture and history, as well as have an access to current issues regarding economy, science and society,” says Claudia Maul, director, language programmes, South Asia.

Aman Malviya, an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) aspirant, says, “My relative is an IFS officer and he suggested that I learn German as there is a rising demand in the field for candidates with fluency in the language.”

While Anshul Kaushik is learning the language to realise her dream of pursuing a career in martial arts in Germany, others like Himani Bansal are training to be teachers at the institute.

“Apart from being taught about various methods of engaging students in class, we are instructed to speak in German with students even at basic A1 level. This makes the course different from what’s taught in other institutes or colleges in the city where we rarely get to speak the language,” she says. Bansal also conducts classes at the beginner’s level and feels this helps her to put the theory learnt in class into practice.

The comprehensive library at the Goethe-Institut offers in-depth information on Germany along with a variety of books and movies. The institute is ideal for those who are passionate about learning the language and others wanting to pursue a career in German language or planning to go for higher studies or research activities to Germany. “At the end of a language course, one can take an internationally recognised examination of the Goethe Institute and thereby enhance one’s career prospects or chances of getting into a German university for further studies,” says Maul.

The German language courses are in line with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A1 level is for the beginners and C2 level is considered to be the highest level of language skills. The starting fee for enrolment is Rs 21,600.

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