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With just a week left for CAT, it is time for you to pull up your socks and gear up for D-Day. But before you take the test, we would like to give you a final piece of advice for this last mile of preparation. While the earlier stages of preparation were about building up of fundamentals, application of concepts, and exposure to MCQs, increasing speed and working out strategies for various types of questions, the focus in this stage of preparation is primarily on ensuring a consolidation aimed at increasing the accuracy in the test.

This stage of preparation is also a stage of confusion and anxiety. We will try and address some concerns.

Play to your Strengths

You can win only on the basis of your strengths, so this is not the time to worry about the question types that you are never able to solve.

This is the time to accept the fact that if you have not been able to understand a concept in the last six to nine months of preparation, no miracle will take place in the next few days. Make sure that you have a recollection of all the mistakes you have committed in the Mocks that you have taken till now. Using the bookmarked questions of your test analysis is a good way to do this.

Know the questions that you need to ignore

This is the time when knowing what you don’t know becomes supremely important. You should be aware of the question types that you need to leave in the paper.

Identify all those questions that you are most unsure about. Also, zero in on the questions that eat up most of your time. This will ensure that you are able to prioritise well during the exam and do not end up wasting time.

Stick to your strategy

The strategy that has worked for you so far has the most potential to reap benefits for you on the big day. Do not try out completely new strategies while attempting the paper at this time.

This is not the time for trial and error. Rather, try and consolidate on your strengths and strictly stick to what has worked for you so far. A little adjustment here and there is Ok.

Our assessment is that a score of about 120-125 will fetch around 96-97 percentile. This essentially means about 45 correct attempts, at an accuracy of 80 %. Achieving this is not a herculean task.

Manage your time

The most crucial element of this CAT would be your ability to manage the time well. This is necessary to optimise your scores.

What do you study now?

A good way to revise would be to revisit the old CAT papers. Do not risk your preparation and confidence at this stage by putting yourself in unnecessary pressure. In essence, this is the time to take it a little easy. Be positive about your preparation and try not to be bogged down by those low scoring mocks.

Take time out to unwind on the last couple of days. Check your centre location well in advance in order to save yourself from any kinds of stress on that day. Eat properly and have a good night’s sleep well on the night before the exam so that you wake up refreshed.

And as they say, a little nervousness is good as it keeps you focussed. Just do not panic whatever be the nature of the test. It will only jeopardise all the effort that you have put in until now. Treat the exam as one of the many mocks that you’ve taken.

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