AIPMT on May 3, here is how last year's toppers nailed it

  • HT Education Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 02, 2015 19:10 IST

With just three days left for the AIPMT, this can be a really unnerving time if you’re not organised and confident about your test preparedness. But this is natural and you should not focus too much on it.

Last year’s toppers suggest ways that can help you beat others with similar levels of preparation. “Every performance consists of two segments, preparation and execution.
Since the exam is round the corner, I suggest that you should focus on the execution. While revising, focus on the important and tough concepts first. Rather than going through the books passively, I suggest that you try to recollect the contents and concepts on your own. This might be difficult to start with, but it holds the key to long-term memory and understanding of the topic. It is also important to stay healthy. By this I mean emotional, mental and physical health, in that order of priority,” says Lovedeep Singh Dhingra, who bagged rank 2 in last-year’s AIPMT and is a student of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

For Mohak Gupta, who got AIPMT rank 10 last year and is currently studying at AIIMS, New Delhi, “smart work was the key to success.”

“One month before AIPMT, I charted a daily schedule, what chapters to do every day for the month. I revised each and every chapter of the syllabus during this month. I also prepared some revision cards, about 20 of them, which had formulae, summaries and things which I wanted to give a last look at on the final day. The last days before AIPMT are very crucial, since you have to integrate everything you have studied in the last two years. For biology, every sentence in the NCERT book has a potential question in it.

“For physics, my mantra is, first, make your theory concepts exceptionally clear. Second, great amount of MCQ practice is necessary. If you are aiming for those top ranks, physics is the key to it. This is the subject which differentiates a topper from an average student. Most people lag in physics, because they jump to questions without adequate concepts. The best way for final revision is to read the summary given in NCERT at the end of every chapter,” says Gupta.

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