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Be your own benchmark

Know your capabilities, set your targets and don’t get bogged down by expectations.

education Updated: Dec 18, 2012 17:35 IST
Samir Parikh

In today’s competitive world, we measure our success and failure not by our own accomplishments but by whether we were able to ‘beat’ the others. In this kind of environment, you might be disappointed at times. After all, no matter how successful you are, someone, somewhere along the way will always be more successful than you.

Constantly comparing yourself to others can lead to distress and discontent, a sense of inferiority. With this kind of mindset, your self-confidence is bound to plummet. The key to being both happy and successful, then, is to know your capabilities and priorities, set your targets, strive for the best and not get bogged down by unnecessary and unrealistic expectations and comparisons.

1 Set your yardstick: No one else’s but your own performance is in your hands. Set your targets regardless of what others are doing. Remember, you are your own greatest competition.

2 Take a problem solving approach: If you find that you aren’t able to succeed as others around you, don’t brood over it. Rather, evaluate the situation, identify the problem, and take the necessary steps to work on it.

3 Don’t compare yourself: Remember that you have your own skill set, just like your colleagues have theirs. Everyone has their own share of strengths and weaknesses. Rather than comparing yourself to others, identify your qualities and strive to reach your fullest potential.

4 Put in that extra effort: Let your colleague's success be a reminder that maybe you aren't putting in as much effort as you should be. Use others' success to motivate yourself to do better.

5 Learn from your colleague: Rather than competing with your colleague, take the opportunity to learn from your colleague and improve your own performance in the future.

6 Don't be too hard on yourself: It’s only natural for all of us to falter somewhere along the way. Rather than putting yourself down, accept your mistake, learn from it, and make sure you don't repeat it.

7 Remember, teamwork is the key: In today’s day and age, none of us can do well if we're alone and isolated. Be a team player and celebrate your colleague's success just as you would your own.

The author is director, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare