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Board exams 2015: This is how you ditch distractions

education Updated: Apr 06, 2015 13:46 IST
Dr. Anoop Misra
Board exams


Whether stressed or not, most students sitting for Boards or final exams go through phases when they find it difficult to concentrate. Everything seems to conspire to distract you: The neighbour’s television, your parents talking, dogs barking, traffic noise etc.

These distractions are just a manifestation of psychological and physical stress that’s affecting your concentration. Physical fitness, right kind of blood elements, and healthy circulation in mind and body will help increase in concentration. It is best that your concentration is in optimal state 30-45 days before examination.

The following health tips will benefit you.

Have small meals/ snacks at frequent intervals and do not skip any meal. Avoid heavy meals especially late at night; as they tend to make you feel sleepier.

Rather than taking snacks loaded with fat or refined sugars prefer fruits/ salads/ nuts and sprouts as your snacks. These food options do not lead to increase in sluggishness of the blood, and improve oxygen delivering capacity to various body tissues including brain

# Toned Milk with crushed (almonds, pistachios, walnuts etc).
# Vegetable sandwich with small amount of cheese
# Buttermilk
# Jaljeera/ Nimbu paani with salt
# Low fat milk with small amount of dark chocolate.

Foods high in long chain poly unessential fatty acids like fish, almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, rajmah, green leafy vegetables should be incorporated in everyday diet as these are known for enhancing concentration.

Mothers should cook food in healthy oils; olive, mustard, rapeseed (canola), etc.

Inadequate levels of blood iron and B12 are also known to affect nerve functions and may result in decrease in concentration and energy, while those whose diets were high in iron had higher IQ and performed significantly better in cognitive assessments. Adding lemon in the diet increases absorption of iron. Good sources of iron include:

# Green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach)
# Eggs (whole)
# Fish (e.g. Salmon)
# Fortified cereals
# Soya milk

Have lots of fluids with small amount of salt (buttermilk, nimbu pani, fruit juice) in form of small sips throughout the day to maintain electrolyte balance.

Take regular exercise, (this can be simple stretching exercises done after every 2-3 hours). It stimulates brain function and improves oxygen rich blood supply to the brain; adequate blood circulation to the brain means, it will function better, also regular exercise reduces stress and makes you feel better.

Expose yourself to Sunlight at least 15 minutes daily for better Vitamin D levels, which may improve brain functions.