Board exams 2016: For CBSE students, it’s ‘make or break’ time

  • Rajeev Mullick, Hindustan Times, Lucknow
  • Updated: Feb 29, 2016 19:38 IST
A Class 12 student is getting his doubts cleared from his teacher at the Millennium school in Lucknow on Saturday. (Deepak Gupta/ HT photo)

As CBSE board examination draws near, Class 12 board examinees are poring over their textbooks, working extra hard for a better future. For them, the Class 12 marksheet is a springboard to a career, for the exam result will decide how they will fare in their academic and professional pursuits in future. One careless mistake can spoil their career to a great extent.

Mehul Rastogi of Class 12 is not leaving anything to chance. Even during the preparation leave, he goes to school to get some of his doubts cleared with the help of his teachers. “I firmly believe that Class 12 result will break or make my future. The Class 12 mark sheet will largely determine how I’ll fare in my life. If anything goes wrong here, then it will be difficult to make amends,” said the boy who studies at The Millennium School in South City, Lucknow.

Mehul is confident of doing well in the board examinations but is a little apprehensive about physics. “I’m good in numericals but there are certain other things in this subject that worry me. My physics teacher took a lot of pain to certain doubts that I had,” he said.

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Most CBSE Class 12 students have realised that the board is just the first hurdle. The other major hurdle awaits them when they appear for joint entrance and other competitive examinations. Not just clearing their concepts, the students are doing a lot of writing practice also so that they may finish the paper in time.

At Study Hall in posh Gomti Nagar, Ghazi Kidwai looked concerned over trigonometry part in mathematics. Aruni Tripathi said that she got nervous during exam time. “I feel that I know everything. But when exam time comes I feel exactly the opposite,” she said.

Students at City International School had the unique privilege of having the diagnostic test which was provided by the founder director Sunita Gandhi. The objective of the diagnostic test was to check the comprehension level of the students that told exactly where they stood, the type of preparation they had to undergo and the areas where they should to give special attention.

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The turnout of the students for the test was large. The diagnostic reports indicated their weak as well as strong areas. Students were evaluated on the basis of Target 1, 2 and 3 that pointed towards their careless mistakes, wrong answers and lack of comprehension about a particular topic which encouraged the students to perform better. The second diagnostic test was conducted within 2-3 days to ensure better performance of the students.

However, thousands of Class 10 students who are taking home (internal) examinations are very relaxed. To de-stress themselves from the examination phobia, many Class 10 students of a city school attended a good luck party on Saturday. The school auditorium turned into a big dance hall and they all gyrated for hours.

How to beat exam stress

Many of the CBSE schools have prepared tips for students on how to cope with exam stress. Here are some useful tips which will help you prepare optimally and beat exam stress:

• Maintain a proper study schedule and see that your time management is efficient.

• Try studying heavy and light subjects alternately.

• Don’t indulge in selective study.

• Take short breaks between periods of concentrated study.

• At least one or two model papers should be solved within the time limit

• A nutritious diet will keep you healthy and alert. Avoid junk food.

• It is very essential to find time to rest and relax.

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