Dear DU fresher, here's how to navigate campus life

  • Kamakshi Bhat, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 23, 2015 15:22 IST
Students enjoying on the first day of college at ARSD College in south campus, New Delhi. (HT Photo/Arun Sharma)

Delhi University opened its doors to yet another batch of new students on July 20. Freshers, who pour in at both the south and north campus of the university, start their life at college with a handful of hope and a lot of questions.

The do's and don'ts at DU tread on a very thin line and freshers often find themselves at sea. Worry not, as we have made it easy for you by talking to your seniors. So if you are a fresher and pay heed to all the advice from seniors, who have the much-needed gyan, you will find there's nothing to be anxious about and know that life at DU is really good.

Here are some tips and fundas from seniors to guide you in areas where you desperately need help: * Tamanna Goel (SRCC): A school topper, Goel says college is all about chilling out and making memories. "There's much more to life than good grades and attendance. When you reach a certain point in your life and if you are lucky enough to be in DU, then go out, explore and exploit every opportunity given to you, because this is what you are going to look back to."

* Anya Ghai (Daulat Ram College): She swears by those socs -- societies, be it drama or debate, for the uninitiated -- at college. "Taking part in a society is extremely important for an overall development. Being part of the theatre society of my college taught me so much about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and I highly recommend it to every fresher."

* Aishwarya Aggarwal (Hansraj College): Neglecting grades, she says, is not a smart thing to do either. "I know that only getting grades is not the most important thing in college, but overlooking them is not a smart move. Grades always matter."

* Tanya Sethi (Kamla Nehru College): She says freshers should be wary and careful after her bitter experience on her first day. "I lost my wallet on the first day of college, so always be careful of your belongings, you never know who you might come across. So, trusting everyone instantly is not a good option."

* Sidhantha Jain (DCAC): He mentions that being yourself is extremely important. "Doing something you will regret later for the sake of the people around you is never a great idea."

* Aditi Verma (Lady Sri Ram College): This topper in the school says college was a leveller. "It's going to be disheartening for a while because everyone you meet will be a topper of their school and all of a sudden you will go from being a topper to an average student. But take it as healthy competition and always strive to do better."

* Harshita Sood (Miranda House): An outstation student, she says not being from Delhi may complicate things, but that should never stop you from exploiting the opportunities that come your way. "Never restrict yourself if you are an outstation student, this is the time of your lives, go out and have fun!"

* Akanksha Miglani (Miranda House): Sood's college mate, she says one should not be "judgmental" about people in your very first week. "Talk to everyone, you never know what you will learn or who you will meet."

* Shivani Goel (Gargi College): She states the most obvious -- do not neglect your seniors. "Maintaining a good relationship with your seniors always proves helpful."

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