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  • Gauri Kohli, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 25, 2015 16:47 IST

The best of four method to calculate cut-offs is also being simplified. Now, a candidate’s best of four percentage will include one language, two academic or elective subjects and the subject in which admission is being sought.

“To get an indication of this year’s cut-off, any student can calculate the aggregate percentage of scores in the best four subjects and then compare it with last year’s cut-off in the same discipline he or she wants to pursue by marginally increasing the cut-off,” says Nachiketa Singh, member, Delhi University Standing Committee on Admissions.

This year, accountancy will be treated as equivalent to commerce wherever any board is not offering commerce as a subject. Biology/biotechnology and business studies will be treated as academic/elective subjects. Informatics practices will be equivalent to computer science for admission to BSc (hons) in computer science only.

In case a candidate has studied both elective and core in any languages, then core language will be treated as language, while elective language can be considered as academic/elective subject.

The candidates must have studied and passed mathematics at the qualifying exam for admission to honours in economics and commerce. For admission to honours in any language course, an advantage of 2% in the best four percentage will be given to those candidates who have studied the elective language. In case a candidate has not studied the language at qualifying exam and is seeking admission to honours in that language, he or she will be given a disadvantage of 5% in the best four percentage.

For calculating the best four percentage for BA programme and BCom programme, one language (core/elective/functional) and any three elective subjects can be chosen. A disadvantage of up to 5% on best four percentage will be imposed if there is a change of stream.

How to calculate your score

Example 1

If you have scored: accounts (90), business studies (92), English (88) and economics (94); total marks are 90+92+88+94=364, Percentage is: 91%
The effective percentage for BA (hons) English is 91%. You are not eligible for BA (hons) economics and BCom (hons)
For BA (hons) political science, your effective percentage is 91%-2.5% = 88.5%

Example 2

If you have scored: physics (96), chemistry (92), English (90) and mathematics (94); total marks are 96+92+90+94=372, Percentage is: 93%
The effective percentage for BCom (hons)/BA (hons) history is 93%-2.5%, 90.5%
BA (hons) English 93%, BA (hons) economics 93%-2.5%=90.5%
BSc (hons) maths 93%

Example 3

If you have scored: accounts (90), business studies (92), English (88) and home science (94); total marks are 90+92+88+94=364,Percentage is 91%.
The effective percentage for BCom (hons) 91 % BA(hons) English 91%
BA (hons) history 91%-2.5% (hons)= 88.5%

Example 4

If you have scored: accounts (90) business studies (92), English (88) and economics (94) and seeking admission to BCom programme. Total marks are 90+92+88+94=364. Percentage is 91%.
The effective percentage for BCom 91%
BA(programme) 91%-5%

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