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Fitting choice

A fitness trainer is a person who creates and supervises the workout plan of clients helping them tone their bodies and build muscle.

education Updated: Sep 22, 2011 11:10 IST

The lowdown
A fitness trainer is a person who creates and supervises the workout plan of clients helping them tone their bodies and build muscle. S/he performs exercises and asks the clients to imitate the movements. The workout is meant to serve one of many purposes – weight loss, bulking up, staying lean and, occasionally, subduing minor pain. The trainer must ensure that the clients maintain correct posture while exercising since bad posture can lead to injury. Setting up one’s own gym can cost R50 lakh to 1 crore just for the best equipment. Budget extra for rental

Clock Work
6am: Do a workout
7.30am: Train a client at his/her place
9.30am: Train a batch at the studio
12pm: Take some rest
1.30pm: Lunch
2.30pm: Meet prospective clients to discuss workout plans
5.30pm: Train the evening batch
8pm: Leave for home

The payoff
The salary of a fitness trainer in a gym ranges from Rs10,000 to Rs25,000 per month but the income can go up to a few lakhs, though such trainers are very few in number. The concept of ‘celebrity trainers’ (who give individual training to top models/film stars/business honchos/their family members) is gaining ground and these trainers charge up to Rs75,000 per month from one client or make some lakhs in fees for one 'fitness project', i.e. creating a certain look for a film

. A high level of personal fitness
. A sound knowledge of the human anatomy and kinesiology (science of movement)
. Willingness to improve throughout the career
. Knack for communicating, as clients need precise instructions

Getting There
Doing a certificate course is not mandatory for finding work as a fitness trainer, but it is advisable to study the techniques in detail. As the market gets more crowded, a well-known certification course or a diploma programme in health and fitness boosts your chances of getting a job. After your career takes off, you should stay informed with the latest studies, journals and books. The reading never ends

Symbiosis Centre for Health Care, Pune
The University of Alabama Continuing Studies offers certificate programme in personal fitness training

Pros and cons
. You always stay fit and never have to crib about lifestyle ailments, as your job will keep you in shape
. You get a platform to meet new people, and sometimes you get in touch with the high and mighty of society, which can work to your advantage
. Money is bad in the initial phase
. It is a service industry. You can not be rude to clients even if they treat you dismissively

With more and more health centres coming up, the demand for qualified instructors is on an all-time high, which is great news for those aiming to pursue fitness as a career

RK Dhadwal, a fitness trainer based in delhi