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Great career trends for you

Former vice chancellor of Mumbai University, Dr Snehlata Deshmukh, gives us her take on five education trends

education Updated: Jul 28, 2010 10:20 IST

As the world becomes more of a global village than ever, newer challenges are presenting themselves and the metropolis is overcoming them with ease. Whether it’s providing an education in an array of streams, a chance for students to be socially active, offering MBAs the jobs they crave, or giving new industries the right environment to grow...

1 Not just science now

Thanks to factors such as the changing attitude of parents and more career choices, students who score high in Class X now have the choice of opting for streams other than science. Even though engineering still seems to be the most sought after option, careers related to commerce and management are fast catching up.

Many students now take up science not to get into medicine and engineering but to have a mathematical base for management, and to enter the corporate sector. Also, many engineering students start preparing for their MBA during graduation. The reasons for this are perhaps the increasing job opportunities, which also promise high salary packages and fast growth.

Even pharmacy is becoming increasingly popular. Then of course there is the obvious mushrooming of various management institutes. They, however, need a more dedicated faculty. Within the arts, psychology is very much in demand as are psychologists in all sectors.

What we need desperately is internationalisation. For example, a student studying in a government college here should have the option of combining commerce with psychology, like they do abroad.

2 Social Activism

Social activism has taken off mainly because the right channels have opened up. It is no longer looked upon as a lowly job, but viewed as a fulfiling and meaningful career that can rake in big money.

The media has played a major role in promoting this field. To add to that, a number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have come up. Name any social issue that comes to your mind and there are multiple NGOs catering to that cause — environment, children, animals and health.

This trend of interest in social work is apparent in colleges, where thousands of students turn to volunteering even while studying. For example, the National Service Scheme (NSS) cells in different colleges were not so active earlier. But now they conduct many activities and innovative and creative campaigns as well.

3 New industries are cropping up

People have started recognising the scope of growth and opportunities in many previously unheard of fields. Options such as perfumery, clinical fisheries and industries in agriculture are being explored by youngsters looking for jobs. This is because they now not only have a better understanding and access to various career options, but also because people are open to taking risks and trying something that they are genuinely interested in. After all, when you’re young what have you got to lose? But what you do have to gain is experience.

On the down side, our system of academics and our syllabus are not equipped to prepare students for such skill-specific jobs.

We do not follow the concept of problem-based learning. Perhaps we can start with honours courses for commerce students who are interested in these fields.

4 The it industry

T he information technology (IT) boom has been very conspicuous and no one can ignore that. But IT has also led to problems concerning the environment and our health. As the reach of IT into our lives increases, we, especially youngsters, have forgotten to make use of our intelligence. Young minds now are not even capable of doing simple mathematical calculations, when at this age they should be learning to make use of both the sides of their brains. Nonetheless, IT is now an integral part of the human lifestyle. Which is why it has to be used with discretion. More importantly, students studying IT need to be educated on the judicial and relevant use of it.

5 MBAs taking up jobs in india

In terms of jobs, India is offering more than what is available abroad now. This is specifically with regards to jobs in managerial positions within the corporate sector. The pay packages here are almost as high as those abroad, as are the benefits of a secure job. Earlier MBAs in India, especially those from the Indian Institutes of Management and other top-ranking management institutes, would get placed in international jobs that paid exorbitant salaries. The main agenda of going abroad was to have a good, comfortable lifestyle, apart from exposure to an extremely professional environment. These aspirants wanted to live in a place, which was a one-stop shop for everything they required. Due to their hectic lifestyles, career-minded youngsters wanted a fuss-free, easy life. Now they can have all those amenities such as recreational centres, malls, multiplexes, high-end health care and homes here as well. So there is no dire need to go abroad anymore.
In fact, some of them are doing the smart thing — going abroad for a while to gain experience, (which adds credit to their CVs) and then returning to India.