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How to become a responsible nurse

The biggest challenge is that the job demands round-the-clock service. Nurses work long hours, often on their feet, with no breaks even on weekends

education Updated: Aug 03, 2016 12:46 IST
Raghav Malhotra
Training and experience is in this profession is vital in order to pursue a career in nursing.(istock)

Nurses are some of the most important people in hospitals. They are responsible for taking care of patients, administering medicines to them, observing and monitoring their condition continuously and communicating the same to doctors. In short, nurses need to wear multiple hats in their working life.

“Not only that, a nurse also provides emotional support to the patients and their work requires intelligence and advanced schooling but also compassion and attentive care,” says Manju Devi Tyagi, chief of nursing services, Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Saket.

Nurses can work in hospitals, private clinics, retirement centres, nursing homes, and in-home healthcare.

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“Nurses play a crucial role in helping patients recover and get discharged from hospital quickly. The doctor comes and writes instructions; the nurse is responsible for carrying out treatment in the way it’s been prescribed. We all have to work as a team,” says Tyagi.

Nurses are equipped to analyse human body system dynamics and also understand and even carry out medical procedures on the patients. However, the role of nurses and the kind of equipment they need to handle and treatment of patients vary from department to department, in a hospital. Cardiovascular nurses care for patients with heart disease and critical care nurses work in intensive-care units in hospitals, providing care to patients with serious, complex, and acute illnesses and injuries that need very close monitoring and treatment. Neonatology nurses take care of newborn babies and nephrology nurses care for patients who have kidney-related health issues stemming from diabetes, high blood pressure, substance abuse, or other causes. Rehabilitation nurses care for patients with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Your health is their happiness (HT Photo)

According to the need of the patient, they are cared and followed under the consultancy of the doctor.

However, like most other jobs, nursing too comes with its own share of challenges. “Every patient demands immediate care, but often we know miracles cannot happen. As treatment and medications are followed, the result become obvious. To handle patients in a critical condition we need to remain calm and cool and in control of our mind in order to handle any situation and work easily and responsibly. We need to be ready to handle any emergency case at any point of time because we have to take on-the-spot decisions immediately,” says Rakhi Kapoor, a nurse working at the GB Pant Hospital.

The biggest challenge in this career is that the job demands round-the-clock service. Nurses work long hours, often on their feet, and evenings and weekends at work are almost a given.

If you want to pursue a career in nursing, you need to take up the science stream in Class 12 followed by a bachelor’s of science in nursing or a diploma in nursing.