IIM Udaipur to start FPM from 2016, students to get full fellowship

  • Rozelle Laha, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Dec 02, 2015 13:58 IST
IIM Udaipur has decided to launch the programme with a small batch of only four students in two areas – marketing and operations management. (Courtesy/ IIMU website)

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur has announced the launch of a fellow programme in management (FPM), which is also popularly known as the doctoral programme in the field of management, from 2016. While most of the IIMs have been offering doctoral programmes, Udaipur is one of the last institutes to launch it.

The institute, one of the newer IIMs , which started operating since 2009 along with five other IIMs, decided to launch FPM only after they recruited more than 25 full-time faculty members. The reason behind this move was to be able to provide a fair amount of support to the fellows. Talking on the institute’s aim to provide a quality FPM programme, Professor Janat Shah, director, IIM Udaipur says, “In our country, we have been able to do a reasonably good but not a great PhD programme in management. Our MBA programmes are reasonably good when compared with the top institutes of the world, but when it comes to doctoral programmes, we do a good job, but not a great job.”

The institute has decided to launch the programme with a small batch of only four students in two areas – marketing and operations management, in order to be able to give better attention to all the fellows. “We are starting with a small batch as we want to make sure, we do a great programme. We want to find out what we are doing right and where we are going wrong, and expand accordingly in the coming years,” says Shah, who was associated with IIM Bangalore as a faculty of production and operations management before joining IIM Udaipur as the director.

The candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their applications and invited for an interview and a test at Udaipur. All successful candidates will do a rigorous course work for the first two years before they start working on a research topic under the guidance of a faculty member.

The students will be provided with a full fellowship which will cover the cost of tuition fee, accommodation, other programme expenses and a stipend will be given as living allowance. All students will be eligible for a stipend of Rs 30,000 per month in their first year. They will get a 10% annual increment up to a maximum of five years.

IIM Udaipur currently hosts 28 full-time faculty members and 265 students on campus. The institute is currently functioning from their temporary campus at Mohanial Sukhadia University. Shah informed that they hope to move into the permanent campus by June 2016.

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