IIT Kharagpur students help aspirants crack the code

  • Manpreet Dash and Rahul Goel, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 08, 2016 14:46 IST
IIT Kharagpur students from different departments are addressing queries of aspiring students on social media platforms. (imagesbazaar)

Many students are coming up with queries on the informational website of IIT Kharagpurr or JEE Advanced qualifiers, why.iitkgp.ac.in, “My rank is 2**, should I join Electronics or mathematics and computing to ensure better placement?” or “My rank is 1000+, I am applying in agriculture and food engineering, what is the prospect of placement in this department?”

The faculty team in-charge of career development centre says, “Based on the past records, it’s evident that those who have maintained a good academic CGPA in any of the disciplines, most of them students have been successful in getting the placement of their choice.”

Atal Ashutosh Agarwal, a senior student from IIT Kharagpur says, “The placement trend at IIT Kharagpur has shown that the flexibility in curriculum through interdisciplinary programmes, minor courses and co-curricular activities make our students fit into any sector such as core engineering, IT, finance, analytics, consulting et al. It does not matter which discipline you study, you may make a successful in-road to placement.”

Now to even more increase this flexibility in curricula, last year IIT Kharagpur introduced microspecialisations wherein students can study three to four subjects from other disciplines, thus improving their employability in those fields. Students can also enrol for dual degree programmes, thus opting for MTech in interdisciplinary subjects like financial engineering, engineering entrepreneurship, energy engineering, environmental engineering, quality engineering, design and manufacturing or MBA.

The institute also offers mentoring, grooming programme and psychometric tests to help students perform better in placement interviews. The project, Know your Department, which was created to assist the queries similar to the ones mentioned above, has turned out to be a great success too.

The facebook page of IIT Kharagpur also had series of queries from JEE Advanced qualifiers who were then routed to the website why.iitkgp.ac.in to guide them accordingly.

Students at the institute have also started a Facebook group to directly interact with the qualifying students.

The authors are second year undergraduate students, mechanical engineering department, IIT Kharagpur

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