Indore varsity set to keep a biometric eye on teaching department

  • Milind R Lashkari, Hindustan Times,Indore
  • Updated: Jun 29, 2016 21:02 IST
The biometric system of attendance is already in place in the department of higher education across government colleges. (Representative picture)

The Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) in Indore has decided to introduce the biometric system of attendance to keep an eye on absenteeism, duty shirkers and streamline the overall functioning of the university, vice-chancellor Narendra Dhakkar said on Wednesday.

The plan is to introduce the system for the university teaching department (UTD) for teaching and non-teaching staff members and later introduce it in various other departments after evaluating the response, he said. The system is already in place in the department of higher education (DHE) across government colleges.

The proposal to this effect was recently placed during a heads of the department meeting in the university by the V-C. The meeting was used to clarify the motive behind introducing the system and how it would improve productivity levels across staff members. Dhakkar said that the idea came during a meeting with the contractual employees from 17 self-finance departments at UTD over deduction of salaries linked with their absenteeism. However, the employees suggested that the biometric system could be introduced to maintain transparency in the matters of attendance and duty.

‘New system would cause problems to UTD’s autonomy’

Meanwhile, a few faculty members as well as heads of the department haven’t liked the idea at all. They said that the UTD was an autonomous body and the new system would cause problems to its autonomy as the functioning here differed from what was traditionally followed in other government institutions.

“Working here at UTD is not a 9- to-5 job. Some days we have to work overtime keeping the student’s future in mind. The biometrics system can be implemented for non-teaching staff whose work is mainly associated with office job,” some faculty members said.

However, a few faculty members supported the university move and said that it would help streamline the university functioning. They said even the professors and associate professors were required to deliver at least six hours of duty daily. They said the system would rein in those who are habitual absentees.

Dhakkar said the motive behind the move was to streamline the university functioning.

UTD at a glance

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