Is sustainable lifestyle a choice or a necessity?

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  • Updated: Nov 21, 2015 13:10 IST
Sustainable lifestyle means leading our lives in a way that fulfills our present needs without threatening the ability of future generations to meet their’s. (Source: Nasa)

“Sustainable development is the masterful balance of meeting our own needs without jeopardizing the future generation’s ability to do so.”

Sustainability is based on the simple principle that everything that is essential for our survival depends on our natural environment. It creates and maintains an environment wherein humans and nature can co-exist in productive harmony.

Sustainable lifestyle is when one decides to imbibe the values and ideals of this statement in their daily lifestyle. In reality, the greatest threat to the planet is the belief of humans that someone else would save our environment and its diminishing resources and that an individual holds no capability, means or responsibility. The first step in getting rid of these problems is a sustainable lifestyle.

An essential thing that sustainable lifestyle requires us to do is reduce our carbon footprint. This can be brought into practice by using alternative methods of transport, pooling of resources, energy consumption as well as diet. Along with this, other things that can or rather have to be done are efficient use of water, protecting and restoring our forests, biodiversity and natural habitats.

We must encourage active, sociable and meaningful lives to promote good health and well-being both of humans and nature. If the majority of the population takes up sustainable lifestyle as a necessity, then I believe, the day when the past glory of nature is restored will not remain a distant dream and can become a reality.

Name: Chandni Bari

Class: 9

School: Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar

Sustainable lifestyle means leading our lives in a way that fulfills our present needs without threatening the ability of future generations to meet their’s. It is a necessity and the only alternative by which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. We have reached a point where the need for awareness about environmental degradation and that to conserve it has reached its peak. After all there is a reason for all the noise about the alarming rate at which natural resources are being wasted.

I believe that the time when sustainable lifestyle was just an option is long gone. In fact, I believe that the root of the problem is that it is still being taken as just an option. It has led to the diffusion of responsibility among people with respect to their individual efforts. On the global level, developing countries hold the developed countries more responsible for repairing the environmental damage and for reducing carbon emissions.

We need to resort to options of sustainable growth like making extensive use of green technology and sustainable methods of production. Using renewable resources, reducing carbon emissions and implementing the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – in our routine has become imperative. Protecting and restoring biodiversity is equally essential.

We, as forefathers of the future generations, need to realise that if we don’t switch to a sustainable lifestyle now, the damage will be irreversible and the earth might just slip from our hands.

Name: Surbhi

Class: 12 K

Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan

“You are the earth, I am the earth, the earth is dying, you and I are the murderers.”

We continuously exploit nature to not only satisfy our needs but sadly, even our greed and overlook the damage this causes. This “none of my business” attitude has had a devastating effect on our planet, because of which it is constantly degrading. What we need to do is to live in such a way that today’s “developments” don’t become tomorrow’s poison.

Sustainable lifestyle is thus the need of the hour, as it attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of resources.

We need to realise that not only have we received our earth from our forefathers but also borrowed it from our future generations, hence it is our responsibility to conserve it. Sustainable lifestyle provides the most effective and easy way to do so as it can be adopted by everyone if they make little changes to their daily habits and can result in transforming our lives and the whole world for the better. Therefore, it is not an “option” for those whose conscience has been pricked but a necessity, a duty of each and every person who lives on this planet, or else very soon we might lose our Mother Earth, our home.

So, the next time if you have to go somewhere, use public transport. Close the taps after usage, switch off that extra bulb, because your small steps today, can save our big planet tomorrow.

Name: Alpana Sharma

Class: 10 A

School: Mount St Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt

To put it in the simplest of words, sustainable lifestyle is quintessentially the application of sustainability to lifestyle choices and decisions. It is a lifestyle or living that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of earth’s precious natural resources. In other words, sustainable lifestyle is composed of ways aimed at the preservation of the natural balance of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with natural ecology and cycles of the earth.

Believe me, it is a lot more complicated than its definition suggests, but I am not going to drive into the abyss of its intricacies because the only thing we need to understand here is that only sustainable lifestyle can save us from the destruction of earth. How? Read on.

In their mad pursuit for development, humans have played havoc with nature. They exploit it to its fullest because they view it as a source of fulfillment of their various needs to lead their dogmatic lives. But nature isn’t just a silent spectator.

She seeks retribution by various methods which we know as natural calamities. Thousands of lives are lost perpetually because of them. But our exploitation of nature and her subsequent degradation and rage carry on and their penultimate goal is the destruction of everything and everyone. This is when sustainable lifestyle steps in to take the reins.

It bridges the gap between the use of resources beyond control and their conservation. By adopting such a lifestyle, we will not only be able to lead much productive lives but also give our future generations a much needed chance to do the same.

Citing the above reasons, it’s safe, I think, to assert that a sustainable lifestyle is unprecariously a necessity as it is no longer an option, for the earth has suffered so much from man-made maladies that it hasn’t got ample time for us to choose.

Name: Sami Yasser

Class: 8 D

School: The Frank Anthony Public School, Lajpat Nagar

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