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Joining DU? 10 things you don’t learn until you live on your own

education Updated: Aug 11, 2015 23:25 IST
Somya Singh
Going To College


Many of you must be really excited to go to college and finally live on your own. Dreaming of the freedom, independence and all the other fun things you can now do? You have no idea what’s coming. Wait for the steady wave of expenses, bills, hunger and homesickness to hit. These first few years can be very daunting but, will prepare you for the rest of your life.

Here are 10 struggles you go through while trying to make it on your own:


How to feed yourself

"Ha!" you say, "I've been feeding myself for years." While we do accept and acknowledge that you've likely developed the motor skills needed to propel food-stuffs into your mouth, that's not exactly what we're talking about. You need to eat healthy, this is a lesson better learnt before it’s too late. And oh! Food will make up majority of your expenses. This will leave you wondering how you spend so much money on food and are still always hungry.


You go to the doctor; the doctor does not come to you

Oh, you have the flu, need to fix a toothache? You’re going to have to make that doctor’s appointment and drag yourself to the clinic. They haven’t been made for you. At best you can ask your friend to come along.


How to clean

Cleaning is not just stacking up your books and tidying up the bed. The packet of chips lying on your desk will not magically find its way to the dustbin and those crumbs of namkeen on the floor will have ants all over them unless you sweep the floor. Just because you get clean in the shower doesn't mean your shower is clean. The shower is a dirty, disgusting place unless you scrub it yourself.


Taking the trash out

What’s that smell coming from the kitchen? It’s the trash that’s been full to the brim that you haven’t taken out for two weeks. Quick before a mutated creature rises out of your trash can, dispose it! You don’t want your crib to stink now, do you?


Internet connection is a precious and valuable commodity

If the internet connection gets disconnected, your whole life is put on a hold. Somehow the time when your net pack gets all used up magically coincides with your assignment submission deadline. So, learn how to control your downloads and err… other internet related viewing activities.


You can’t buy everything on sale at the grocery store

Never go to a grocery store when you are hungry and food is on sale, you will pick up food enough to feed a tiny village. All food products have an expiry date. You will realise a week later that you picked up cakes only to find out they have expired. This will only leave you disappointed and bankrupt. And oh! Instant noodles don’t last forever either, so getting one in every flavour is not a very bright idea.


Managing Cash

Suddenly you'll have expenses you never thought of. Hand soap – you have to buy that. Light bulbs – you have to buy those. Food – you most definitely cannot live without it. When you go shopping for household items, you will suddenly realise how serious being an adult is when you look at your receipt at the end of your purchase. Shopping becomes a rare occasion that happens once in a blue moon because whatever savings you have goes away on the first week of the month.


Value of Electricity and water

If you have a fear of dark, forget putting the lights on and sleeping. Or else, there will be a frightening electricity bill waiting for you at the end of the month. Also, you learn that sometimes you can take a bath in half a bucket of water.


You can’t party everyday without expecting your attendance to take a fall

You can’t say up partying everyday and expect to make it to first class in the morning. You are not superman, sooner or later your attendance will drop to the point of no return. Ladies nights and birthdays will come and go, but your attendance won’t.


Your mother is superwoman

It’s only been a month since you’ve been living on your own and you already want to run to your mother. God knows how she manages the house and the FAMILY so effortlessly. Every phone call from mom overwhelms you.