Life Coach: Exam pressure can rob you of sound sleep

  • Jitendra Nagpal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 02, 2016 17:47 IST
Your concentration will improve automatically once your sleep-wake cycle gets better. (Shutterstock)

I am a Class 12 student. I feel sleepy and drained out just after more than two hours of study. I fail to get a sound sleep and often wake up many times even when there’s no disturbance or noise. Is it because of stress and anxiety or any kind of sleep disorder? It is really affecting my concentration and mood.

- Concerned

When we are stressed, worried or anxious, it becomes difficult to put our minds at rest. Most of the time we are not aware of the amount of stress we take on, but ultimately our bodies end up paying the price. Mental stress is a key reason for many sleep disorders, the most prevalent one being insomnia. A person’s daily functioning is clearly disturbed by fatigue, irritability or inability to concentrate.

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It is important that you recognise the stressors in your life. Doing that shall help you find reasonable solutions. What seems in your case is that you are caught up in a vicious cycle. First, your worry over studies leads you to lose your sleep and then you are unable to study because you did not get enough sleep. Break out of the cycle and get some rest. Your concentration will improve automatically once your sleep-wake cycle gets better. Go for a relaxing outing or try to influence a strenuous workout in order to physically wear out your body so you can achieve deeper sleep.

The author is a senior psychiatrist and incharge, Institute of Life Skills & Mental Health Promotion, Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi. Send him an email at, marked Dr Nagpal

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