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Make a flow chart of all chapters

Follow a study schedule to prepare for your Class 12 economics examination.

education Updated: Jan 22, 2013 17:46 IST
Manju Arora

The initial step towards excelling in your Class 12 economics paper is to stick to the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Studying the wide array of books available in the market that cover various topics which are not part of your course is a complete waste of time. First things first, plan a schedule for revision to avoid last moment stress. Prepare effective notes of terms, definitions and important points chapterwise. If possible, make a flow chart of every chapter for final revision before the exam.

During the reading time of 15 minutes, go through the entire paper and in the questions involving choice, decide which ones to answer. Answer the questions in the serial order and try to attempt all the questions. Underline the headings and key points. Definitions need to be supported with examples. If you are not sure of any answer and need time to think about it, leave space and come back to it later. Write your answers within the word limit mentioned as you don’t get extra marks for writing long answers.

All the questions on distinction between two concepts should be attempted in a tabular form along with the basis of distinction. Example: Difference between TFC and TVC, short run and long run etc. In case of numerical problems the first step is to mention the formula of the concerned question. Then put the given values in the formula. Be careful to mention the units and highlight the final answer.

Practise numericals on product, cost, revenue, elasticity of demand and supply in microeconomic theory. If numerical is on equilibrium and carries six marks, show the working of the numerical and explain the equilibrium with reference to the numerical. In macroeconomics, practice numericals on value added, income and expenditure methods, and other aggregates of National Income like personal income, personal disposable income and gross national disposable incomes.

All the diagrams should be neat and clear. They should be supported by appropriate headings and arrow marks. Unlabelled diagrams do not carry any meaning. Make a reference to the diagram if any relationship between economic variables is asked in the examination. Understand the reasons for the relationship between variables such as TP and MP; TFC, TVC and TC; AFC, AVC and AC; MR and TR; AR and MR.

As per the time available to you, you should adhere to the time guidelines given in the accompanying box. If you observe these timings, then you will be left with 20 minutes to revise your paper. Never leave the examination room early. If you have time at the end, revise your paper. Make sure that you have not missed out any point because once you leave the room, you are not allowed to re-enter.


Topper Talk

Ankita Kapoor, DPS, Dwarka
Scored 98/100 in her Class 12 economics board exam

Understand the concept
Economics is not one of those subjects that requires mugging things up. Understanding of concepts is of utmost importance. Economics was the only subject in Class 12 that I found interesting. Regular practice of graphs and revision of concepts is all that is required. The thing that helped me the most was that I used to write down all the concepts that I used to learn. Learning and then writing down the concepts helped me remember them for a longer period of time. Focus on your presentation. Number your answers correctly and try and write the paper as neatly as you can. Diagrams are a bonus. Try and give diagrams whenever possible but keep in mind that you have limited time and the examiner won’t give you extra marks if you make one when it’s not required.

The author is head, department of economics, HT Studymate, tuition centres for Class 9 to Class 12. She has more than 20 years’ teaching experience with prestigious institutions such as DPS RK Puram, Bal Bharti School and Hansraj School