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Meet the college stereotypes

education Updated: Jul 30, 2012 15:02 IST
Amrutha Penumudi

Every college campus is a melting pot of different identities. With all kinds of colourful characters scrambling to make space for themselves, here is the basic profile of each category that you are sure to encounter within your college premises. While some grow out of these stereotypical traits, others remain true to their type all their lives.

The stud
The stud is your quintessential college heartthrob. He is the one with the best taste in music, sports and flaunts an attitude that rocks. He’s perfect — or so you think — till he breaks your heart and walks away with the new ‘it’ girl. This character has a cult following, which comprises not just women, but men too.

The queen bee
The term may conjure up the image of Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls (2004), but the queen bee doesn’t always have to be evil. This person, often considered to be the most beautiful girl in college, is usually also the most liked too. So, being pals with the Bee is not just a shortcut to popularity, but also to all the right people.

The hippie
This one is the misfit, the non-conformist or the one who simply doesn’t care. Easy to spot because of his/her idiosyncratic outfits, with accessories to match, the hippie however, likes to remain inconspicuous.

The nerd
The library is the sanctum sanctorum of this protype and books, his/her life. If you confess you have never watched the Star Wars series, this character flips. Mehr Malhotra, a SYBMS student of St. Xaviers College, says, “Though more studious than the rest of us, a nerd is also witty and funny.”

The suck-up
The suck-up is a master of flattery who hovers around anyone influential — be it professors or popular students — for his/her own gains. “If it were school, I’d still understand, but in college you don’t need brownie points from your teachers, so its hilarious to watch the suck-up trying his/her tactics on others,” says 23-year-old BMM student Nikita Anand.