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Motivate yourself

External powers aid us only so much — the real driving force is within Chitra Jha reports

education Updated: Jan 27, 2010 12:30 IST
Chitra Jha

Self-motivation is the only thing that can truly work for you, and here are ways in which you can drive yourself to fulfil your potential.

Be optimistic: If negativity and fear are knocking you off balance, it is time to regroup and redirect your energies. A winning mindset thrives in a positive environment. It is time to uplift, encourage and inspire yourself. When others talk about challenges, you must talk about opportunities. When others talk about why they cannot succeed, you must give them every reason why they can. Doing this will reinforce your belief in yourself.

Most often, the difference between success and failure is only that of beliefs. Change your negative beliefs and be optimistic about life.

Be humble and hungry: Show humility in what you seek to learn, in order to grow and improve every day. Do not let your ego come in the way. At the same time, be hungry with a passion to work harder than you have ever done before. The time to put in your best effort is right now.

Welcome uncertainty: You cannot be sure of anything in these uncertain times. However, instead of letting this discourage you, think of the best outcome for yourself, come what may!

Do not worry about things like the state of the economy and job opportunities — just follow your passion with a determination to succeed. Faith and belief in a positive future will make you take timely positive actions.

Create a positive vision: Do not let disappointments bother you. Be clear about where you have been, where you are headed and why you are headed there. Such a vision gives you something meaningful and valuable to look forward to. Your dream has the power to change the world for you. Know your best days are ahead of you, and carry on with a missionary zeal.

Be a hero, not a victim: Heroes and victims both face life’s challenges; both get knocked down from time to time. The difference is that heroes carry on striving, while victims give up easily. Heroes learn from their mistakes, while victims blame the entire world for their downfall. Do not blame your circumstances for your ills. Learn to take responsibility for your successes and failures.

Remember, your life is a story, and the story you tell yourself and the role you play in it determines the quality and direction of your life. You can overcome any adversity by telling yourself a positive story. Make your life an inspirational tale.

The author is a life skills coach, time-line therapist, and new consciousness writer.