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No marks are cut for exceeding word limit

Marks for spelling mistakes are deducted as per the marking scheme for the English paper

education Updated: Feb 12, 2013 15:17 IST

Do examiners deduct marks for exceeding the word limit and spelling mistakes, especially in the language papers?
— Rajat

Though the approximate word limit is given for short and long answer questions and students are expected to write answers within the word limit, no marks are deducted for exceeding the word limit. Marks for spelling mistakes are deducted as per the guidelines in the marking scheme in the English language paper.

Should one write the answers in the same sequence as the questions in the paper? Though many people often advise that one should first attempt questions that one finds easier first, there is also a view that an examiner would prefer answers in the serial order.
— Shikha

Questions can be answered in any serial order and no marks will be deducted for not following the same. However, candidates should ensure that the serial numbers of the questions are given correctly and distinctly and all parts of the question are attempted together.

Please tell me about the common mistakes to avoid in the Class 12 accountancy board exam.
— Suresh

The students usually commit the following mistakes while attempting their accountancy paper:
* Posting in wrong accounts
* Incorrect calculations
* Wrong formatting of accounts and wrong or incomplete narrations
* Not writing the unit of the ratios in the ratio based questions such as turnover ratios (times), profitability ratios (%) etc
* Not showing working notes wherever asked

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