Punjabi celebs give inputs to make college life meaningful

  • Rameshinder Singh Sandhu, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Aug 03, 2015 15:31 IST
Students at Motilal Nehru College in South Campus. Delhi University's new session commenced in all the affiliated colleges in New Delhi. (HT Photo/Saumya Khandelwal)

As thousands of young minds have recently entered the new phase of life with admission to colleges and universities post school, we spoke to some of the most followed celebs from Punjabi music and film industry for their suggestions to the youngsters for a meaningful college life and more.

What they all echoed as one that college days are one of the most special part of life where one learns many lessons beyond books and classrooms.

They also believed that one also gets to taste varied experiences and lot more that school life may not have given to them. And, interestingly to each celeb, we asked a different question who enthusiastically rolled out very inspiring answers. Here is what they said:

How will you define the college life and how it should be taken by the students?

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Rana Ranbir, film comedian, poet and author

College life for me is like walking on a wall where a balance must be maintained between the fun factor and seriousness towards our aims in life. Right after the school life, most students misuse the freedom they get in colleges and universities, which must be avoided and rather the same energy must be utilised by participating in extra-curricular activities, developing hobbies and discovering one's passion that may even change our life.

How important is the participation in youth festivals and extra-curricular activities?

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Ranjit Bawa, singer

If I have attained fame and success in my singing career, it is all because I was very active in all youth festivals during my college days. It is the stage of youth festivals that infuse in us a lot of confidence and develop many qualities that even books and classrooms may not offer. I feel such platforms shape one's over all personality too and so I appeal to all students to make use of such opportunities.

If any student comes across harassment, how should he or she handle the situation?

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Jaswinder Bhalla, film comedian

First of all, it must be avoided by the seniors, but if there are any such cases, avoiding it is the best solution. If we will show that we are being irked, we will be irritated more. I will suggest that both boys and girls must dress decently. This matters a lot in college life. Dressing whimsically can draw unnecessary attention and eventually harassment.

What kind of company should students keep in college life?

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Nirmal Rishi, theatre artiste and film actor

Sadly, with passage of time most youngsters are not into the right company and this usually begins from the first few months in the college.

Students should always stay away from those who are known for creating hooliganism and instead be close to those who hold creative passions and are grounded. Such a company can offer a great learning experience and parents should also guide their children in this regard. After all, company can influence the most. Right influence should be our priority that can come only with good company.

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