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Year of the rabbit: take it easy policy

Students can learn a lot by emulating the cautious rabbit reports Monika Chawla

education Updated: Feb 09, 2011 09:27 IST
Monika Chawla

This is the way the Chinese calendar has it. On February 3, 2011, the tiger, the ruling animal of the zodiac, “retired” to make way for the rabbit, which will hop through the months till January 22, 2012. This year will not be a spectacular one as 2011 will usher in the ‘wood’ rabbit in a ‘metal’ year. Since the metal element generally works against the wood element, expect at least some uncertainties and troubles being carried over from the roller-coaster tiger year. Let’s see what’s in store for students this year as the rabbit hops in.

You are a rabbit if you were born in 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, or 1927.
Call them cautious or call them timid, rabbit students will undertake nothing until they have weighed the pros and cons from every angle. Perhaps that’s why they manage to do their work so well. They are balanced in outlook and cautious in approach, and like to be informed of all the facts before making a judgement. They prefer work that is methodical and reliable.

The rabbit is associated with the moon. This year students should be aware of mood swings and negative patterns of thinking. It is important for students to identify opportunity and remember that creative talents will come to the fore when they work at their own pace.

Self-indulgence is another rabbit theme, but try not to go overboard. Remember also not to indulge too much in leisure-time activities. The influence of the rabbit tends to spoil those who like too much comfort and thus impair their effectiveness.

Rabbits make excellent therapists, actors, musicians, PR agents, writers and fashion designers. They are also lucky in business and have excellent bargaining wisdom. If, according to the Chinese zodiac, you are a dog, goat or pig, make an extra effort to follow your dreams, seize opportunities, and enjoy the moment as the stars are favourable for you. It’s a mixed bag for those born under the sign of the ox, tiger, and snake. A bumpy ride is foreseen for the horse and rooster.

How feng shui can help you
. Ask a feng shui expert for your Kua number and your 4 best directions. Locate your ‘sheng chi’ direction and sleep with your head pointed in this direction
. Education and knowledge are located in the northeast section of a home. The element of northeast is earth and the colour is beige. In this section of your home
you should display symbols representing the earth element, such as pottery, porcelain and clay
. Do not sit with your back to a window or a door. These features give you no ‘support’ for your back and you might be backstabbed or double-crossed. Look
out for any poison arrows directed at your back, caused by open shelves or sharp edges.
. Place a crystal globe or hang energised crystal balls on the study table

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