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You have to strive for success every day

Media personality Karan Thapar talks about success, setbacks and more, reports Rahat Bano.

education Updated: Aug 28, 2009 16:57 IST
Rahat Bano

What’s success?
Success is a very short-lived phenomenon in journalism. Today, you do a good story or programme, you feel satisfied by the job well-done. You receive compliments. Next day, it’s forgotten. So, success is short-lived. You have to strive for it everyday. You can’t rest on your laurels.

Winning factors
I reached the position I am in today, through a mixture of good luck, hard work and considerate bosses.

Principles in life
I try to be true to myself. If I commit a mistake, I admit it.

Wrong attitude?
Could it be that those who have no option don’t think about the heat (read: Everyday problems) whilst we, who do, fret and fume? In other words, do some of us have the wrong attitude?

Facing setbacks
How do I tackle setbacks? Accept them and move on.

Education endures
(There) are little shards of school teaching that have lingered in my mind for decades, imprinted indelibly on my memory not because of their utility or importance but due to the sheer force of the personality of the person who taught them…
Most of (what we were taught) was either blissfully discarded once end-of-term exams were over, or fell into disuse because I had no need for it.

In fact, the sad truth is that we all get to a stage where we’ve forgotten most of what we once learnt. It’s only stray obstinate fragments that remain. Of the physics, chemistry, biology and maths I once diligently studied I can recall virtually nothing, or, when I do, it’s only to realise that I recognise a name or a phrase but no longer remember what it means. My recall of history is better but often it’s all jumbled up. For instance, I get most dates woefully wrong.

In this sea of forgetfulness, (Gurdial Singh’s) solstices and (my English tutor at Stowe, Bertie) Stephan’s Enobarbus – but, sadly, not much else – is what remains of an expensive schooling. Years of conscientious cramming and a succession of good results are now reduced to the inconsequential nuggets my brain retains three decades later.

Dos and don’ts
Students should be true to themselves and have the courage to be wrong and different. There’s no need to be the same as others. There’s nothing wrong in being different.