90% voters have been given voter slips: electoral office

  • Sidhartha Roy, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Apr 07, 2014 15:53 IST

A woman shows her ink-marked finger after casting her vote as others line up to cast their ballot at a polling station in Nakhrai village in Tinsukia district, Assam. (Reuters Photo)

The Delhi Electoral Office has sent photo voter slips to 90 per cent of voters in Delhi by Sunday, according to its officials.

Voters have to carry the photo voter slips with them when they visit a polling station to vote, even if their name is on the electoral roll and they have an Electoral Photo Identity Card. The electoral office claimed that nearly 90 per cent voters in Delhi have been provided with their photo voter slips and those who are yet to receive it, can contact their Booth Level Officers or District Electoral Office to get their slips.

“Nearly 90 per cent photo voter slips have been distributed and the remaining will be provided by Sunday evening. The about 10 per cent voters who have not got the slips are those whom the Booth Level Officers could not find when they visited their houses,” said Ankur Garg, Chief Nodal Officer.

“It is possible that when the Booth Level Officers visited some voters, they might have been out and could not be provided with the slips,” he said. “Those who have not got the slips can contact the Booth Level Officer or Deputy Commissioners to receive their slips. The contact number of all officials is provided on our website,” he said.

Those who have not got the slips, however, can still vote if they carry other documents as identity proof to the polling station. Garg said that a public notice is going to be issued soon on the identity proof that can be carried for voting. The list is being finalised and awaiting approval from the Central Election Commission.

Those who want to check their names on the electoral list can go to the following link -http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/ElectorSearchtest.aspx or send SMS to 9211728082. In the SMS, voters have to type - EPIC space Voter ID No (Eg. EPIC ABC1234567).


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