Twitter catches poll fever: 10 funniest 'political' digs

What happens when Twitwits catch the election fever? Hilarity ensues.

With the Lok Sabha elections less than a month away, Twitter is overflowing - left, right and centre (pun intended) - with all sorts of political jokes.

Ranging from jokes on the country's politics in general to digs at the bigwigs, Twitter seems to have no intention of letting anyone catch a break.

If you're a politician and you're making news, Twitter will keep you on your toes.

We take a look at the top 10 recent tweets that will tickle your funny bone:

Wondering what @gauravsabnis's talking about? Here's a hint:

In a series of tweets recently, WikiLeaks claimed it never said Modi was incorruptible, a stand contrary to what a section of BJP supporters allegedly believed. Some BJP posters also allegedly used the 'endorsement'. The incident too was ruthlessly ridiculed on Twitter. Sample a couple of tweets:


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