We will follow the campaign trail of national and state leaders who matter in this election. Follow The Leader will bring out interesting facets of their lives, so far shielded from the public eye, that define the person for what he/she believes in. The trail will also chalk out the leader’s take on key issues, his or her campaign schedule and the roadmap to gain the political armchair.

Mama’s boy wins the victory run

Sandeep Dikshit’s (44) victory in these elections was never doubted. Being the chief minister’s son, he enjoyed support of party workers, municipal councillors and MLAs.

Political equations just right for Tirath

For Krishna Tirath (54), winning from Delhi’s lone reserved Lok Sabha seat would not have been too difficult.

Rahul Gandhi: Rookie to leader

Often dismissed as ‘immature’ by the BJP, Rahul Gandhi helped the Congress improve its tally in Uttar Pradesh to 21 in the 15th Lok Sabha. The party had won just nine seats in 2004, reports Manish Tiwari.

A bittersweet victory for Rajnath Singh

There was a bittersweet edge to his party’s national loss. Rajnath Singh, national president of the BJP, won the Ghaziabad Lok Sabha seat.

Andhra MPs to get 'important' berths at Centre: Reddy

Having brought 33 MPs to the Congress kitty from his state, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajashekara Reddy on Sunday said he was hopeful they will garner important portfolios in the Central government, despite pressure from allies for greater share of the power pie.

No question of replacing Advani: Sushma Swaraj

Though Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani wants to step down as leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha after the party's defeat, senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj Sunday said even to think of replacing him was painful.

Work to restore party's historical role: Sonia to Congmen

Fresh from Lok Sabha electoral triumph, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Sunday asked partymen to start working to restore the party's "historical" role as the natural party of governance".

I never projected myself as PM candidate: Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said he had never projected himself as the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) future prime ministerial candidate.

Advani to continue as Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha

Grappling with the aftermath of the election defeat, BJP persuaded L K Advani to continue as Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha probably with a view to avoiding jockeying for the post among its next rung of leaders.

Karunanidhi to meet Sonia Gandhi tomorrow to discuss Cabinet berth

DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi will meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi to discuss the formation of the next government at the Centre and giving ministerial berths to his party MPs.

Murmurs against Karat continue

The CPI(M) went into damage control mode on Monday to contain the increasingly audible murmurs of the West Bengal unit against party general secretary Prakash Karat, 61, and the central leadership, reports HT.

‘Marxists have encouraged mob rule’

Who on earth wins by 99,999 votes? Well, Shashi Tharoor, the surprise candidate in this election, does.  And that too from Thiruvananthapuram, not an easy constituency to win from, writes Lalita Panicker.

Youngest MP and raring to perform

He looks like a youth next-door — hair combed in a simple style, specs with brown frame, and wearing jeans and T-shirt. But when needed, he takes on white kurta pyjama as he believes, “One should look older in politics.”, report Nivedita Khandekar and Aurangzeb Naqshbandi.

Standing tall

Despite all the clamouring for Rahul Gandhi to be part of the new council of ministers, his instinct to stay out is probably much wiser. Not just because the party organisation needs strengthening and rejuvenation, but also because it’s the more grounded way to climb to the top. It’s a path designed to sidestep the hurdles that ingratiating sycophancy within the party can prop up, writes Barkha Dutt.

Congress leaders target Advani for Varun hate speech episode

The Congress party today trained their guns on BJP's prime ministerial candidate LK Advani for the Varun Gandhi hate speech episode alleging he was the "real culprit" and said the young BJP Lok Sabha nominee was just a "small pawn and minor player" in the party strategy.
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