Modern India’s politics are still controlled by a handful of families — Gandhis, Karunanidhis, Gowdas, Thackerays, Abdullahs and many more. These families have shaped the politics of their respective states and will continue to do so. While the patriarchs grow older, the sons and daughters — most with English educations — hope to reach out to young voters. We will explain how the politics of these families fare in the 2009 elections.

Uma's estranged confidant set to return to BJP

Prahlad Patel, a former confidant of former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Uma Bharati, is set to return to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), perhaps on Saturday, party sources said on Friday.

Divided they Rule

A number of Karunanidhi’s family members play key roles in the DMK, but the ties have often been strained. MR Venkatesh reports.
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PMK, AIADMK celebrates seat-sharing arrangements

CADRES of the AIADMK and PMK instantly burst into joyous celebration before the ‘Puratchi Thalaivi’, Ms. Jayalalithaa’s Poes garden residence in Chennai on Saturday as both parties finalized a seat-sharing agreement, reports MR Venkatesh.

Congress trying to hang Varun without trial: BJP

BJP on Saturday said that Congress was trying to "hang Varun without a trial" while refusing gallows to Parliament attack accused Mohd Afzal.

Wrestler-turned-family man

On a warm summer evening in the early 1960s, Nathu Singh, Socialist Party MLA from Jaswantnagar in Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh, sat among the spectators at a wrestling tournament in neighbouring Mainpuri district. See graphic

Sonia crorepati but has no car or house in India

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has assets worth around Rs. 1.38 crore but has no car or house in her name in the country.

A Thackeray daughter-in-law debuts in electoral politics

She is a Punjabi born in Uttar Pradesh, but she has been fielded in the Lok Sabha elections by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), a party widely perceived to be anti-north Indian. What's more, she is a Thackeray.

'Karunakaran will vote for NCP', says Pawar

NCP leader Sharad Pawar on Tuesday said he was sure that senior Congress leader K Karunakaran, whose son is his party candidate in the Lok Sabha polls, would vote for NCP in the Lok Sabha polls, setting aside political loyalties.

Dynastic politics comes to haunt Badals

An undercurrent of dissidence over dynastic politics is becoming evident in Punjab's ruling Akali Dal and the government, both virtually being run by the Badal family.

Jaya accuses Congress, DMK of not working for Tamil issue

AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa on Wednesday accused Congress and DMK, coalition partners of the ruling UPA at the Centre, of doing little to mitigate the "sufferings" of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Sonia likely to campaign in Karnataka next week

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is likely to campaign in parts of North Karnataka next week.

Abdullahs’ crown of thorns

Already for nearly eight decades, the Abdullahs have been at the centre of every major turn the history of Jammu and Kashmir has taken. Arun Joshi reports.

Elections in Andhra Pradesh a family affair

Elections in Andhra Pradesh are turning out to be a family affair with some candidates pitted against their own relatives while others are entering the political world by holding the hand of a sibling or a family member who is already a political figure.

Communal forces responsible for rise of terror: Sonia

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Friday said communal forces were the “root cause” for rise of terrorism in the country and said “these people are real enemies” of the country.
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