A comprehensive analysis of the various ways in which the general election is being perceived by citizens and various social groups across India.

Chidambaram fights caste, image issues in Sivaganga

Chidambaram fights caste, image issues in Sivaganga

Sri Lanka is now distant from Sriperumbudur

Politically, the keenest shift in Sriperumbudur has lain in how the Congress has completely yielded this constituency, rich in symbolic significance, to its regional partner

Cong to face ire, Muslims look for a new banner

Having failed to get enough tickets from the Congress, the Ulema has fielded a candidate on an SP ticket

Violence: Orissa village decides to boycott polls

Residents of Dhinkia refuse to vote over face-off between farmers and South Korean steel maker

The criminal face of the second phase

National Election Watch (NEW), an umbrella group of more than 1200 NGOs, released details of candidates contesting in the second phase from three states: Parties fielding those with some criminal record is no longer a mere aberration and has in fact almost become a norm

An ode to electoral sherpas: the backstory of a gigantic operation

This is an attempt to bring forth one aspect of this incredible effort through an individual story of an election observer appointed by the Election Commission to ensure free and fair voting

With Congress in disarray, BJP has an edge

Competing factions and charges-countercharges have weakened the Congress’ position in the central Indian state

Next Lok Sabha may see more fresh faces

Mint is reviewing key metrics in the Lok Sabha since 1952, based on a compilation by PRS Legislative Research, an independent research initiative. Today, in the third part, we focus on members of Parliament (MPs) who are not grass-roots politicians

1st phase LS polls: Polling begins on moderate note

Voting began at 7 am in 124 constituencies and would end at 5 pm in most places, except in Naxal-infested areas where it would close at 3 pm

A Muslim-dominated district in Kerala defies stereotypes

Malappuram is the first district in India where at least one person in every household can use the Internet

Lok Sabha Elections 09 - The main losers

The period leading to the current election has seen political maturity and discourse plummet to record lows, dampening the very spirit of democracy and politics. And the culprits range across the political spectrum.

Ask CPM what happens when an insider goes outside

A.P. Abdullakutty from Kannur has defied all odds, addressing 117 public rallies against the Communist party during the run up to Thursday's parliament elections in Kerala.

Bridging the gap in Raghopur

Mint reporters fan out across the country for a bottom-up socio-economic review, using Indian Post’s six-digit PIN code as a metaphor

Another turn

Do the 2009 elections mark a new turn in India’s political evolution?

EC bans exit polls by media

The ban would remain in force till the conclusion of poll in the last phase of elections, the EC said. The last phase of polling is on 13 May and the counting of votes is on 16 May
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