The new Indian voter is an important element in this election. Around 40 per cent of the electorate is in the 18-35 age group. And this time they seem more interested and keen than ever before, possibly because of popular upsurge of anger after 26/11. They want to take charge, make their vote count and ensure they elect the right people. YOUth Choose will be keep a close tab on what these young Indian voters are saying and doing.

Dhoni to be EC's poll ambassador?

The Election Commission is keen to rope in film stars and popular sportspersons like cricketer Dhoni with "non-political background" as poll ambassadors to motivate young voters to exercise their right to franchise.

Rahul Gandhi asks youth to vote for change

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi appealed to the youth to vote to "change the fate of the country" in a rally in Jharkhand on Wednesday

E-campaigns take off as candidates target GenY

With the Lok Sabha elections looming close and fast, e-campaign by politicians is on an upswing.

Another battle for votes in cyberspace

As the battle royale for votes hots up on the ground, there is another fight growing bigger among politicians of various hues -- to exploit the cyberspace to their advantage.

Modi takes campaign to YouTube, Orkut

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is recording short speeches for YouTube to keep in touch with voters across the country. According to Shashiranjan Yadav of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Modi records the speeches at his residence in between his campaign tours.

Cong attacks Rajnath over his visit to jail to meet Varun

Congress on Tuesday attacked BJP chief Rajnath Singh over his visit to Etah jail to meet Varun Gandhi, accusing the saffron party of attempting a "second Gujarat" all over the country through Pilibhit.

No code violation by Rahul while filing nomination: EC

The Election Commission on Tuesday said that there was no violation of the model code of conduct by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at the time of filing nomination for the Amethi parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

Make sure you vote

“They pulled the trigger. You push the button.” This ad-campaign released by the AGNI, a citizens group of Mumbai dedicated to encouraging people to vote, says it all.

Striving for a cleaner alternative

Youth activists join hands to participate in the political process, for better governance, Swaha Sahoo reports.

Rahul Ram, Indian Ocean band member

Voting is a great responsibility. Many a times, you agree with the party, but not the person. Or with the person and not with the party. So, this requires you to think hard, Tanya Ashreena explores.

Rahul goes for a stroll on busy Orissa road

Congress party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, who has the most stringent level of security cover in India, went for a walk on a busy road in Orissa's Bolangir town without the knowledge of the local police, though his bodyguards were with him, officials said on Wednesday.

Blind candidate hopes to create record

Independent candidate from Gopalpur assembly constituency Debasish Paramanik, a blind man, hopes to get into the record books by becoming perhaps the first person in the country to be elected.

Opposition ashamed of India's poor, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that there is no issue more important than poverty in the country and that he will stand by the poor. He also accused the opposition of being "ashamed" of India's poor.

Poll promise is bribery, says crusader

Cheap rice, free TV, free power, free stove, cash dole... With just a week left for the start of the Lok Sabha polls, it's open season for promises. But hold on, says S Subramaniam Balaji; this is "bribery", so it's against the law.

India's million-strong military prepares to vote

India's apolitical military is proactively preparing to vote in parliamentary elections only a week away. Thanks to steps the military establishment has taken, more than one million forms have been submitted to the Election Commission so that soldiers can vote whereever they may be posted.
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