Marathon Vedic chants the secret to Lok Sabha poll victory

  • Richa Srivastava, Hindustan Times, Lucknow
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  • Updated: Mar 17, 2014 02:07 IST

Jayanto's cartoon on Vedic chants

God always knows better. This is possibly the reason why 30 Lok Sabha candidates across the country are seeking divine intervention for victory.

Soothsayers have chosen the Vedic chant route to success for these candidates. And it leads to a numerologist’s office in Gurgaon, which has engaged 330 priests for the exercise.

Had the rituals not been centralised, astrologers say, each candidate would have had to assign 11 priests for a marathon Vedic chanting.

To prevent generating too much heat and smoke, the astrologer’s office has staggered the havan ritual for each candidate. A shorter version of the traditional havan, de rigueur for chanting, has also been devised.

Space and time apparently dictated the tweaking. Some candidates insisted on ‘sava laakh’ (1.25 lakh) chants while others wanted nothing less than ‘sava karor’ (1.25 crore).

A sava laakh normally takes 21 day.

Most of the chants began last week, as Holashtak (period that commences eight days before Holi and is considered auspicious for rituals) is on.

“The fee for one candidate for a ritual can be several lakhs,” numerologist Aadietya Pandey said.

Technology aids the chanting. “Cabins assigned for each candidate has CCTV cameras installed and the priests have been given collar mikes. The candidates are provided the video footage for their satisfaction,” Pandey said.

Religion, he added, was no bar. “Muslim candidates visit numerologists and astrologers during election time. They are advised methods in line with their faith.”


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