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2013: will your stars shine bright?

If the year 2012 had your backs to the wall, expect some respite in 2013, as the stars shine bright for all. Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, our celebrated resident astrologer, predicts how brightly your stars are set to shine in this year that brings succor.

entertainment Updated: Jan 01, 2013 15:16 IST
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

If the year 2012 had your backs to the wall, expect some respite in 2013, as the stars shine bright for all. Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma, our celebrated resident astrologer, predicts how brightly your stars are set to shine in this year that brings succor.

ARIES-the Ram
(March 21-April 20)
The year 2013 promises stability in your professional life. Expect a raise or promotion in March. Family remains your focus and provides immense happiness all the year round. Wedding bells for the eligible are slated to ring in the last quarter. Try and be nice with everyone to improve your social image and garner support. Health worries are laid to rest this year, even if you are unwell now.

Lucky Months: March, October & December

Lucky Totka: Gold or silver item wrapped in red cloth to be kept in your closet after purifying into the holy river water.

Lucky Colours: Yellow, White and Light Red.

HoroscopeTAURUS-the Bull

(April 21-May 20)

If you think your luck may never turn for the better, you are mistaken! The year 2013 augurs well for you, both in professional and personal lives. Expect favourable developments in the academic field. If you had been feeling the pinch, you will achieve financial stability with gains in July. Romance or wedding is on the cards in the second quarter. Health needs care, especially for those with old ailments.

Lucky Months: January, April, July & November.
Lucky Totka: Wear 14 faced Rudraksha in silver or gold chain for good luck and prosperity.
Lucky Colours: Green, Lavender and White.

GEMINI-the Twins
(May 21-June 21)
Your luck remained bright in 2012 and this trend continues in 2013! Professional or academic success in the second quarter is a distinct possibility. Marital life remains immensely fulfilling. Children provide emotional support. If eligible, you may find a suitable match for yourself this year. October may find you achieving something big. You can hope for better health this year, as previous ailments disappear.

Lucky Months: April, June, October
Lucky Totka: Any jewelry item to be kept with you or in your almirah after reciting ganesha and kuber mantras for good luck.
Lucky Colour: Green, Light Blue

CANCER-the Crab
(June 22-July 22)
Benefits accrue in 2013 from an action or investment done previously. A property deal being negotiated may finally come to fruition. Making new inroads in professional or academic fields is indicated. Past grudges threaten to affect your personal life adversely, if you don't turn over a new leaf. March appear most favourable for travel. Health remains fine all round the year. Love life may provide lot of surprises!

Lucky Month: Jan, March and Aug
Lucky Totka: A pendant or ring with your lucky stone
Lucky Colours: White, Silver, Light grey and Metallic blue.

LEO-the Lion
(July 23-August 23)
The year 2013 appears professionally overloaded, but assures total job satisfaction! Something significant is likely to be achieved in the first quarter. Incurring heavy investment may unsettle you, but you will manage it well. Old patients need to remain extra careful about their health. Family support will be forthcoming, when you need it the most. Settling down is indicated for the eligible. Cupid may smile on some!

Lucky Month: March, July and Dec.
Lucky Totka: Silver chain and red wrist band.
Lucky Colours: Peach, Golden, Green and Red.

VIRGO-the Virgin
(August 24-September 23)
The year 2013 starts on a sluggish note, but picks up by the third quarter. Expect professional success in September that makes business grow. Your skills remain your best assets. Marital life may have its ups and downs, but stability will always be restored. Expect partner to extend a helping hand in whatever you are involved in. Inactivity or sheer lethargy may make health a worrying issue.

Lucky Months: Feb, July, September
Lucky Totka: Offer 108 red flowers before the deity you belive in or worship on the first day of the new year.
Lucky Colours: Dark Slate Gray, Sandy Brown and Red

LIBRA-the Scales
(September 24-October 23)
Building bridges, rather than burning them, should be your mantra for 2013. With efforts, you manage to salvage your personal relationships and start on a fresh note in the second quarter. A new venture turns profitable by November. Family life appears immensely fulfilling. An overseas journey may materialise. Finding a suitable match for the eligible may pose difficulties. Focus on your diet for a healthy life.

Lucky Months: April, Aug, November
Lucky Totka: Silver bracelet or green wrist band or hanky to be kept with you.
Lucky Colours: Coffee, Green and Blue

SCORPIO-the Scorpion
(October 24-November 22)
The year 2013 may become a turning point in both your personal and professional lives. New clientele or deals come to you by March or April and find you well established professionally. Third quarter appears propitious, as someone influential provides full support. Much joy is in store for you with an addition to the family by the last quarter. You enjoy good health and live life well.

Lucky Months: March, April, July, August, November, December
Lucky Totka: Gold or golden band
Lucky Colours: Sea Green, Red, Pink and White.

(November 23-December 21)
Your luck changes for the better in 2013. Something significant in your life is ordained starting end of the first quarter. You are likely to attain a position of authority in your professional sphere. May and June seem exceptional for relationships and promise to strengthen your loving bonds. Monetarily, you remain on a solid wicket, as you manage your finances well. Your focus on health will keep you fit.

Lucky Months: March, May & Sep
Lucky Totka: Any copper item
Lucky Colours: Light Red, Yellow and Pink

(December 22-January 21)
Unrealised goals may lead to frustration and that may underline the year 2013, if you become overly ambitious. Persevere towards your goal and success will come to you by the middle of second quarter. You need to come closer to your immediate family to make your social life more meaningful. Someone close may pay you a visit in the third quarter. Health may have its ups and downs during the year.

Lucky Month: May, July
Lucky Totka: Semi-precious stone jewellery
Lucky Colours: Saffron, Gray and Peach

AQUARIUS-the Water Bearer
(January 22-February 19)
It may take some doing to establish yourself in the environment you are in, but your writ is likely to run in 2013. You may be faced with serious professional issues that require crucial decisions. Something launched may prove a non-starter initially, but become profitable by the year end. Marital life is set to become a rollercoaster ride and will give you immense joy. Your health consciousness ensures good health.

Lucky Months: April, December
Lucky Totka: Your favourite stone
Lucky Colours: All shades of Green

PISCES the Fish
(February 20-March 20)
Efforts put to enhance your professional prospects in 2013 show positive results, starting March or April. If you are not getting the right response now, wait till the third quarter for things to begin turning positive. Paying a visit to someone special is possible in July and can entail overseas travel. You remain popular in your circle by winning brownie points. Health will not pose any difficulties.

Lucky Months: March, April, July
Lucky Totka: A silver item in black thread
Lucky Colourss: Light Grey and Purple