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Anoushka on her new love

entertainment Updated: Jan 15, 2010 19:14 IST
Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka ShankarI’m having a love-in. It’s a full-blown love-affair. I’m being shamelessly gluttonous about the love and kisses I’m receiving and endlessly generous with the love I return. I’ve never had a relationship quite like this before, and it’s filling me and satisfying me in a way I never thought was possible.

When I touch the object of my affection I just want to keep on touching, stroking, kissing and scratching. And when I’m looked at with those adoring eyes, I feel accepted and content in the deepest of places. I can’t bare to be apart from my love for more than a few hours, and when we sleep at night, we spend every moment nestled into each other. How can I have been so lucky? I have someone who loves me unequivocally and without bounds. No matter how I look in the mornings, no matter how successful (or not) I may be. All that matters is that we share quality time, that there is food on our plates, and that I keep her groomed and safe.

Ah, the sound of her little feet pattering around the house, as she follows me from room-to-room. The joy of reunion when I come home, safe in the knowledge that my presence matters. Is there anything quite like having a dog? Forgive me if this is old news to you, but it’s very new to me. I’ve grown up having cats because they are more independent. It’s easier for me to leave and travel as much as I do. I’ve always, therefore, felt rather wistful about owning a dog, but never really known the ins and outs of having one.

With cats, it’s a loosely-flowing relationship, in which each party comes and goes as they please and should we meet in the middle, we pause to enjoy a pet and cuddle before slinking away on our journeys again. But with a dog! I can scarcely get over the amount of love coming to me constantly. Being with this little creature has brought to my mind, the amount of animals in the world that are homeless and in need of love and care. Should you be interested and able, please, I beseech you, take in an animal from one of the shelters in your area. Rather than splurging on a fancy breed, take in an animal who needs you; you will feel their love and gratitude for the entirety of their lives.