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Be a Santa this Christmas

As you hang your stockings, how about playing Santa this time? Here are little ways to make a change

entertainment Updated: Dec 25, 2012 01:49 IST

As you hang your stockings, how about playing Santa this time? Here are little ways to make a change

Gift a merry Christmas to kids at your local orphanage by sharing love, chocolates, or a Christmas tree with them. You can also get some ornaments and decorate it with them.


Christmas is the time to spread love and let bygones be bygones. So shed your ego, forgive, forget and call up your old buddy or relative you have been feuding with for a long time.

Do an unexpected charity and make someone’s day. From buying lunch for the person at a fast food joint to tipping the rickshaw puller or the waiter a little bit extra, a random act of kindness encourages others to do the same. Watch the acts of kindness spread!

Adopt or volunteer to foster care for a stray animal. You can also feed them or give them your old woolens to snuggle into. Dig up a small area, put some dry leaves in it where stray animals can cuddle up during the nights to keep warm.

Yes, you have promised yourself and other many times, but take the plunge this Christmas and gift others a cleaner air. Chemicals and carcinogenic particles in a cigarette move up and stay in the atmosphere causing the air to become toxic for people who do not smoke.

Visit your grandparents, who once played Santa for you and showered you with attention. Or drop into an old age home with a sunny smile and easy conversation to brighten their day.

WHAT this Christmas has in store for you

By far the most dominant astrological influence on Christmas 2012 is the planet most associated with Santa — big, benevolent, extravagant, lucky, ho-ho-ho Jupiter, which is retrograded at the moment and will encourage most people to spend a tad extra on the celebrations. This can lead to a temporary financial crunch majorly in the real estate market, which will be relieved once Jupiter turns direct in the month of January.

Spouses, partners, friends and family members will relish every nurturing you pamper them with, this time of the year and will surely return the favour, thanks to Venus. Enjoy every loving Christmas task, from baking cakes to decorating Christmas trees and giving gifts, as it will bless both the receiver and the giver.

Enjoy and relax this Christmas week and indulge yourself into the creative side as it will pay off hugely, both in emotional and spiritual terms and will lead to material gains. To all the sun signs, Santa will give you some kind of boost this Christmas, so be positive and prepare yourself for the major impending transformation in your lives.

Just remember, Santa blesses you all with the power that you can bless all the lives you touch. Don’t waste a minute of this holiday week, entertain big dreams and be generous because what you give at a time like this truly does return a thousand fold.

Eat drink and be merry, and welcome the New Year 2013 with new dreams, new hopes and the desire to complete whatever was left incomplete in the year 2012.

(By Gini Arora, astro and tarot reader.)