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Being a movie buff

entertainment Updated: Nov 02, 2009 21:07 IST

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The Lokhandwala Lad is on Facebook, finally, and under the same name. I have been meaning to mention it for a while now, but run out of word space every time. So might as well mention it at the beginning over here.

Though I’m also there on Twitter, but since I find it a little more useless than Facebook, I don’t update it. I just
follow Sonam Kapoor on it. I have my theory about such websites and the kind of ASS they are turning people into, but this is not the right time to address it.

And when I say ASS I mean ‘Attention Seeking Suckers’, who thrive on updating their status messages and tweets, as if it’s more important than bread, water and air. For whom, the high of letting people know, what they had for starters in dinner last night or that the barking dog outside is not letting them sleep is better than what an alcoholic concoction could offer. They are all over, and spreading like wildfire in a jungle.

Especially the stupid models (after they learn how to use a computer) with their insane descriptions about themselves
and their narcissistic updates. You cannot help but laugh at them and since you can’t stop them, let’s just make fun of them.

I have changed What I was thinking is that how I have changed since I came to Mumbai. I rarely used to see Hindi movies before, at the most, a few good ones in a year. I only knew the names of a handful of famous directors and actors.

I didn’t care who the newcomers were, which movie was a hit and which one a flop. I mean, why a sane person would pay to watch something for three hours only to criticise it later, was out of my comprehension. I found them a waste of time, unless I was with a girl because then I got to spend more time with her in the theaters. So their length was of some use after all.

Hollywood hangover
But I did see movies. I saw a lot of Hollywood and international movies. And when I say lot, I mean like 500 in the year when I was on a sabbatical before entering this field.

I knew everything about them from classics to Indies to French to Spanish. That was magical. And I still follow them a lot, but I have also added Hindi films to the list. I realised that to be in the industry I need to know more about it, so there was a time last year when for six months I saw each and every movie that came out.
Films it is
From Jimmy to Fashion I covered them all, the good ones, the bad ones and the extremely tacky ones. That opened my eyes, brains and ears to what was happening around me. I started appreciating Bollywood a lot more, because even we have good people.

They are just stuck in the traffic, but are on their way. So now, even though I don’t watch each and every piece of crap that comes out every Friday, I do keep a track of what’s a hit and what’s a flop and who is banging whom. Because for all you know, in some time there will one such Friday which I'll be eagerly waiting for too!

As I read somewhere, run as far as you can but if you are an Indian, you cannot escape Bollywood.