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Bhaag DK Bose composer lashes out at RA.One director

entertainment Updated: Jun 07, 2011 14:14 IST

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Ram Sampath, composer and singer of super hit track Bhaag DK Bose, lashed out at RA.One director Anubhav Sinha who criticised the song on ethical grounds. Sampath called the filmmaker a hypocrite with dirty mind.

Anubhav had attacked Sampath and Delhi Belly producer Aamir Khan saying he wouldn't want his nine-year-old son singing DK Bose and he expected better judgement from someone like Aamir.

<b1>This didn't go down well with the composer. "His last flop film, Cash, is full of skin show and skimpily clad women mouthing lyrics like, Sainya sainya Sehari, Lagen hai mohe sexy, Love the way u touch me. Obviously, he's okay with his kid and other kids singing that. It's common to see little kids on TV across all channels and reality shows dancing vigorously to such 'catchy' numbers with all the moves to the last 'pelvic thrust', 'chest heaving' intact," Sampath told Mumbai Mirror.

Sampath called the director a hypocrite.

"This is a hypocrisy we need to address before we get all moralistic about DK Bose. It's a name, just like Sheila or Munni. All this, coming from a guy like Anubhav Sinha whose morality is questionable, is absurd. It's a known fact that his production house hasn't paid people their dues on past projects. I know this from personal experience," he added.

The singer further said, "Reading something more into the lyrics and feeling embarrassed when a child sings the same is more to do with a dirty mind at work. I don't think a kid is enjoying the music with a devious bent of mind. Let's not forget that the Censor Board of this country has viewed and cleared the aforesaid music video. The success of the soundtrack and Mr Aamir Khan praising my work openly has not gone down well in some quarters. The great Indian Crab has risen again."

With Bhaag DK Bose already a huge success, criticism doesn't really count!