Biel makes fun of Timberlake!

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  • Updated: Sep 04, 2009 16:24 IST
  • Jessica Revlon's new face

    After Hollywood actresses Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly and Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel is the new global brand ambassador of cosmetic company Revlon.

  • Jessica Revlon's new face

    In addition to being featured in upcoming global advertising campaigns, Biel will also be involved with various philanthropic activities and fund raising events.

  • Jessica Revlon's new face

    Jessica, 27, has featured in movies like Summer Catch and The Illusionist.

Hollywood actress Jessica Biel teases boyfriend Justin Timberlake about his food habits to make him shift to a healthier diet. The 27-year-old health conscious actress is so desperate to overhaul Timberlake's diet that she mocks him whenever he eats cheese or dessert, Look magazine reported.

"Jessica will always pick healthy starters on the menu and if Justin orders a dessert or cheese, she teases him. She's only joking but I'm sure it can get annoying if it's happening all the time," a source said. The 'Sexy Back' singer, who has been dating Biel for about two years, is said to be concerned that her desire to have a toned physique is turning into an obsession.

The 'Illusionist' star exercises for four hours a day six times a week, sometimes rising at 5.30am to fit in her gruelling work out sessions. "She starts each day with a jog, followed by two-hours of squats, bench presses, lunges and crunches. She also swims three times a week, and does yoga twice a week, as well as biking and boxing," the source said.


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