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Black’ed out

entertainment Updated: May 16, 2010 16:45 IST

This might sound grammatically incorrect, besides sounding like one of Govinda’s film’s songs, but it’s a frequently asked question: “What is mobile number?” Everyone’s got a name and everyone’s got a number and everyone seems to think they have a right to get your number and your B’Berry pin. Argh!

A sports personality recently asked if he could have my “personal number”. Not knowing how to evade the question without sounding rude, I obliged. Little did I know that I’d get late night “hey baby what are you doing?” messages and more “hey baby… let me know where and when we can meet”. I eventually put a stop to it by being curt and telling him off, cursing myself for giving out the number in the first place.

So how do you, and can you really, evade? Considering that all the pictures and e-mails carry my phone number on it, my number floats around an average of five new people every day, which is a hell of a lot of people. I also sign my number on every courier receipt, every hotel check-in and every store database (which has now got me thinking).

From bank insta alerts, store sale alerts, emails, BBM alerts, SMSes, calls, there isn’t a single hour in a day that my phone doesn’t beep, and even when it doesn’t, I subconsciously have my eyes or my mind on my phone all day. It’s a modern day malaise.

More than harming my privacy, the beeps have been extremely detrimental to my focus and I’m sure I speak for a few of you out there too! I needed something to shake me out of the zoned-to-my-phone syndrome, to bring back my focus. Fortunately or not that ‘something’ happened! My phone got stolen.

I was on the film shoot this week. A couple of scenes needed to be re-shot so we were back on set for the ‘patch work’.
After a great shot I go straight to my phone which was in my bag to check for pending messages from a special someone. But as it turned out an exceptional someone else had smoothly whacked my black beauty.

I initially thought it was a prank by someone on the set, but after playfully frisking everyone’s pockets and some genuinely ignorant reactions I got the sinking feeling that it was actually gone!

I sentenced myself to a guilt trip for the next two days going over all the could-haves, would-haves and should-haves. Despite that silver lining being fairly hard to spot, losing an expensive handset, rich with memories, contacts and photographs, I’m finally on a sabbatical from the beeps, Tweets, pokes and *PINGs*.

While my hands may itch for it for a couple of days, I may just have found the temporary cure (as expensive as it may’ve turned out) to the hypnosis from the beloved Blackberry – BY LOSING IT!

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