Ajay Devgn's Singam to beat Salman's Dabangg?

Move over Salman Khan. Come 2011, and Dabangg could be passé. Instead Ajay Devgn’s Singam could well be the action comedy to watch out for. Helmed by Rohit Shetty for Reliance Big Pictures, the film is the Hindi remake of southern superstar Suriya’s Singam, and is scheduled to start in February.

Earlier this year, Devgn had reportedly also obtained rights to the Malayalam action thriller Puthiya Mukham, to be remade in Hindi by Shetty. “We’ll make that later. Singam will be made first because it’s a fabulous script,” he enthuses.

Ajay DevgnConsidering the fact that he started as an action hero, and has done a number of comedy films and played intense characters in recent times, one would think action thrillers don’t intrigue Devgn much any more.

Stunts were indeed few and far between, as seen earlier this year in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Aakrosh and Golmaal 3. And that is perhaps also an important reason why the actor’s now doing Rohit Shetty’s remake of Singam.

Devgn is unperturbed by questions about comparisons. Point out to him that many people felt Aamir Khan was not as great as Suriya in the Hindi remake of the Tamil Ghajini and the actor asserts, “Rohit and his writers have re-written and turned it around fabulously. It’s the right kind of light action movie that I’ve been wanting to do. Rohit is planning some amazing action sequences and there are also light moments in the storyline.”

With four certified hits to his credit this year, Devgn was recently presented the most profitable actor of the year award by an entertainment channel. Ask him about the remake of Puthiya Mukham and he concedes, “It’s an out-and-out action film and requires considerable preparation, which will take time.

Meanwhile, interesting subjects came up and I got busy  with them. And now that Singam also has come up, we’ve put Puthiya Mukham on hold for the time being.”

Interestingly, his seven-year-old daughter Nysa doesn’t like action, he says, when asked about her thoughts on his onscreen stuntbaazi. Devgn says that she likes comedies and loved  his just-released Toonpur Ka Superrhero.

However, unlike the live animation film, in which his character’s children question his heroism since a duplicate does his stunts, the situation at the Devgn household is different. He says,“Whether I’m beating someone up or someone is beating me, Nysa doesn’t like action and gets upset,” he says.

Point to him that the film didn’t start on a high note and he concedes, “We didn’t expect it to take a great start, but it’s got better with word of mouth. And with the feedback I’m getting, I’m happy our effort is being appreciated.”

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