Kill The Rapist? is quite the horror film

Kill The Rapist? poster

To kill or not to kill, that is NOT the question. iRock films' new production Kill The Rapist? trailer suggests that violence can only be met with violence.

A Sanjay Chhel film, Kill The Rapist? is the story of a young woman facing constant sexual harassment from a man who is obsessed with her. The trailer shows that he subjects her to extreme violence and threatens her with weapons and boiling hot water.

Released on December 16, the trailer appears to be some sort of a tribute to the Delhi Braveheart's memory.

A mix of hard-hitting dialogue-baazi and horror genre-styled image flashes, the film seems to focus more on the dramatic potential of such heinous sexual crime and less on understanding the implications of violence against women.

Examples of dialogue-baazi: A crazy eyed policewoman loudly says, "Cycle chori aur rape, dono hi bohot common hai." Later the protagonist turns to the same policewoman and says, "Phaad ke phenk do, arzi bhi aur wardi bhi."

A still from the film Kill The Rapist?

The trailer starts with screams of women and blurry sepia-toned images that are very disturbing, not because they're impactful but because they invoke memories of bad horror films.

It signs off with a message that gives its viewer an option to pick the ending of the film. Categorically stating "Kill the rapist or not?" it lets the viewer choose the climax.

Problematic? Yes. On many levels.

First, rape is completely about violence, yes. But it isn't paranormal violence. It is very real. They missed that point.

Second, the director seems to be trying to encash on the public rage and demand for castration or public hanging by letting people choose.

Third, it is lazy film making.

In fact, the one saving grace that Kill The Rapist? has is that it doesn't directly narrate the December 16 gangrape. Thank God for small mercies.


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