Movie review: Rajjo is pathetically made

  • Kangna Ranaut, Rajjo

    Kangna Ranaut won hearts with her traditional looks and attitude in Tanu Weds Manu. The actress is back with Vishwas Patil's Rajjo - a film ...

  • Kangna Ranaut, Prakash Raj

    Rajjo is a film that is tells the love story of a Muslim dancer girl and a Hindu boy. Kangna Ranaut and Prakash Raj in ...

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    Mahesh Manjrekar and Kangna Ranaut in Rajjo. Manjrekar looks impressive in this new look from the movie.

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    Mahesh Majrekar, Kangna Ranaut, Prakash Raj in a still from Rajjo.

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    Kangna and Paras in a still from Rajjo.

  • Kangna Ranaut

    Kangna Ranaut practices her dance moves in a still from Rajjo.

  • Kangana Ranaut

    Kangana Ranaut in a still from Rajjo.

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    Paras Arora debuts with Kangna Ranaut in Rajjo. (HT Photo)

Film: Rajjo
Director: Vishwas Patil.
Cast: Kangna Ranaut, Paras Arora, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prakash Raj

After a spectacular performance in Krrish 3, comes a whimper!

Kangana Ranaut last outing was very well received with many critics insisting that it was she was the heroine, not Priyanka. But Rajjo is a totally different story altogether.

Does Kangana carry forward the talent with Rajjo - a film that revolves around her character? While Kangana got some praise for her performance, the film has been universally panned.

Vishwas Patil's directorial debut fails miserably with most critics saying that the movie is not a feminist tale, rather it is a mysogynist approach to a feminist tale. 

Film analyst Nandini Ramnath (Livemint) writes, "Writer and director Vishwas Patil's feminism can be measured by the depth of lead performer Kangana Ranaut's cleavage."

Tushar Joshi (DNA) finds the narrative too dated: "Rajjo's biggest problem is that it seems to be made for a different decade! Everything from the look, writing, narration, screenplay, even the art and set décor looks unbelievably dated." 

Kangana's performance does not find many supporters though Tushar Joshi finds it decent. "Kangana goes all out to try and feel the part. She even changes her dialect too and rolls her R's differently! Unfortunately the pelvic thrusts and hip shaking in her mujras isn't enough to salvage the film," he writes.

As for the script, most feel it is simple but nothing beyond that. Suhani Singh writes for India Today, "You can't help but sympathise with Chandu's (Paras Arora) stunned parents who disown their son after he arrives with a bahu and a daft explanation for his decision: 'Apne pairon pe khade hone ki koshish kar raha hoon'."

Suhani further writes, "Director Vishwas Patil is keen to throw obstacle after obstacle at the couple. The film is full of absurdities which border on ludicrous." 

The film is certainly not worth a watch. In the words of Koimoi's Mohar Basu, "Rajjo is a sickening, pathetically made, loud, over dramatic crass of a film. Heavy on cuss words and horrendous dialogues, it is a shabby piece of trash."

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