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Chocolate genie

Actress Jacqueline Fernandes, who plays Jasmine in Aladin, can be wooed with pasta and chocolates. Dig into this chat!

entertainment Updated: Nov 07, 2009 12:58 IST
Roshmila Bhattacharya

Actress Jacqueline Fernandes, who plays Jasmine in Aladin, can be wooed with pasta and chocolates. Dig into this chat!

What do you start the day with?
A litre of water — it has been a habit for years. This is usually followed by a breakfast of fruits. On occasions, I opt for a boiled egg or an omelette.

And what is it that you end the day with?
Water again; I’m perpetually thirsty!

What was your first culinary experiment?
I tried to make toast and burnt it to a crisp.

As a child, is there something you just had to eat every day?
Cornflakes — I even had them for dinner.

And now?
Now, it’s fruit. A banana a day.

Your favourite eating place?
Mirah in Bahrain, maybe because I grew up eating there. Their sushi is to die for.

When you eat out, what do you inevitably order?
Grilled fish and a salad.

And what do you usually serve guests at home?
A salad, some fish...I can grill a mean salmon and Pad Thai.

A food item you dislike?

Your favourite dessert?
Anything chocolatey.

Your favourite drink?
Nariyal paani.

Is that what you like to cool down with in summer?
Yeah, tender coconut water, along with thanda thanda nimboo paani.

Any favourites among street food items?
Meetha paan. And bhelpuri — I had it at the cinema just recently. If you weren’t a movie star with a trim figure to maintain, what would you binge on? Pizzas.

Do you have a miracle diet?
No, eat and exercise, that’s my motto.

When you go shopping for food, what do you usually end up buying?
I usually go with a shopping list…Vegetables, fruits, fish and milk. No chocolates and ice creams but I do pick up some packets of digestive biscuits.

If you could choose your last meal, it would be...
Lumprice from Sri Lanka. It’s a rice dish with prawns, chicken, beef and chutney, all wrapped in a banana leaf and baked.

What can you be wooed with on a date?
Pasta…and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. If you were marooned on an island, what would you want to take along with you? Loads of chocolate, Maggie noodles and some popcorn.

What has been your most memorable experiment with food?
My mom’s Christmas dinners. Since she’s Malaysian, the traditional roast turkey is served along with oriental dishes like Tom Yum Soup and skewered chicken and prawns. My mom also brews her own malt wine with lots of fruit in it and we sip it all day.

What do you like to munch on when it rains or when there’s a nip in the air?
When it rains, I crave for masala chai. And when it’s chilly, it’s definitely hot chocolate. Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) loves a cuppa too, and we would all sip hot chocolate on the sets of Aladin. During late night shoots, we also munched on Wasabi peas. The first time we got some, Amitji tossed a handful into his mouth and was in agony as the spice hit his tongue. After that, he was more cautious but soon acquired a taste for them.

If you could open a specialty restaurant, where would it be and what would it serve?
It would be a Sri Lankan place along the Bandra coast. It would serve string hoppers, a typical Lankan fish curry and Khiri Bhaat or milk rice. You can have it with jaggery or the coconut-base fish curry. My grandmother makes the best Khiri Bhaat in the world, and also, great curries and dals. She’s a fantastic cook!

If a genie granted you three wishes, what dishes would you ask for?
A pizza with all the toppings, a nice spaghetti Bolognaise and for dessert, a huge chocolate cake.