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Clearing the Backlog

entertainment Updated: Mar 01, 2010 01:59 IST
Imran Khan

Imran KhanFirst off, congratulations to my sometimes friend, sometimes enemy PC, who is celebrating her golden jubilee as a columnist. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that I was the new kid on the block, attacking PC in my second column, and sparking off an epic battle between men and women. Predictably, I lost. (After enduring the pain of waxing, manicures and facial exfoliations, it seems women are invulnerable.) But it’s been great fun matching wits with you. Here’s to another 50 columns, and many more altercations. Seriously, don’t leave me alone with the new kids!

Which brings me to my second point; farewell to Anoushka. I do hope that just because you’re not writing anymore doesn’t mean you’re not reading anymore... nah, who are we kidding, of course you’re reading! I take the liberty of speaking on behalf of your readers, when I say that you’ll be missed. But if you start writing somewhere else, then you’re a traitor and shall be treated as such. (Firing squad at dawn is the preferred method, I believe.)
I haven’t been responding to reader’s emails for the last few weeks because I wasn’t getting the time to sit and read them. Luckily, I managed to do that yesterday, so presented here in no particular order are responses to emails I received over the last seven weeks.

I hope those who wrote in will be looking out for their replies!

Divya, the last few lines of that column were not my own, but an old Irish prayer. You can find it online. Stuti, thank you for writing. I appreciate you sharing your story with me, and I’m glad you felt better. Jaap, I will be coming to Delhi in the next couple of months. Follow my updates on, and email my HT address when I’m there. I’ll ask the HT team to set up an interview. Aditi, I actually remember you messaging me on twitter... but you don’t tweet very often.

I checked out your blog, I like the way you write. Kind of has a similar feel to my style, I think (minus the emoticons). You should write more frequently, though. Sharon, don’t rely on prayers to get you through your exams... work hard, but the best advice I can give you is to be calm and confident, and to have faith in yourself. You’ll perform better that way, I promise. Mithilesh, I’m truly sorry, but there’s really nothing I can tell you that’s going to make you feel any better. It’s just going to take as long as it takes for you to stop feeling hurt and angry. Here’s what I do; I talk to my other friends, and we talk about the good times, and the funniest stories we remember about the friends we lost. That’s how I like to remember them. Laughing.

Antriksh, well, hi there, I am ‘an’ Imran Khan. There are several other Imran Khans running around, so I can’t lay claim to being the only one. Your parents are right, chances of you earning any real money as a musician are slim at best. Making a living as any kind of an artist is difficult. Thousands of people come to Bombay to become actors, and maybe one or two make it big. Music? Same story. That being said, there’s no reason you shouldn’t follow that dream. If that’s what you want to do, you’re not likely to change your mind. And I’m a guy who’s surrounded by people who went off the beaten path to follow unusual career choices, so I’m not likely to see things another way. Last words; know before you set out that your journey will be harder than you can imagine, and that new obstacles will step up and try to break you every day. I’m not exaggerating.