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Continental cuisine

Quench your thirst for speed with the Bentley Supersports

entertainment Updated: Nov 11, 2009 22:14 IST

The 621 bhp Supersports is the fastest, most extreme Bentley to date.

The transformation
Unlike the regular Continental, that is all but inaudible at slow speeds, there’s a pleasurable boom from the exhaust pipes of the Supersports every time you step on the gas. Best of all however is that the Bentley, with very little encouragement, is willing it to race for pace in an instant.

In the mood to cruise, selecting the softest suspension setting is all that’s needed. Sure, the presence of some of the larger and sharper-edged bumps could be felt, but the suspension wasn’t thrashy or uncomfortable. And that, when you think about the low 30 profile tyres and huge 20-inch rims, is just amazing.

While the insides of the Supersports has been stripped down to make the car lighter, Bentley has managed to keep the essence of the car intact. The twin cockpit arrangement of the dash still looks extra special, the sunken dials give this car a solid look and the very generous splashes of chrome add to the already appealing ambience of the cabin.
There are no rear seats and the oak tree that moonlights as the dashboard has been replaced by lighter carbon fibre panelling. The clamshell-backed racecar-like seats are beautifully finished and, when the car is being cornered, feel more comfortable than regular ones.

Raw power
With a torque curve as flat as the Deccan plateau, you don’t need the massive 6000 cc twin-turbo W12 to spin really fast for some spine-crushing acceleration. A 3,500 rpm is more than enough to exercise your nerves and once you reach 4,500, the performance from the fully charged, fed and boosted motor is so strong, you wonder what the rest of the powerband must be like.

The Torsen four-wheel-drive system has been altered so that 60 per cent of the power now goes to the rear wheels, so the car feels better balanced. Staying flat on the throttle till you reach the crazy speeds this car is easily capable of hitting, is a real rush.

Still, it’s difficult to work up a smooth rhythm with this astoundingly fast car. The big numbers on the speedo often mean you need to back off and feather the throttle. This has a negative effect on the flow of the corners. But even as you lift off the throttle, the Bentley’s momentum takes it smoothly past 200 kph.
So, if you are looking for a car that will withstand the test of time, is brutally fast, comfortable and useable, this is it.
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